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Producer SpaceNTime and ‘All Money In’ artist Pacman Da Gunman have emerged with a new album featuring some of the west coast’s most respected artists.

Producer SpaceNTime and ‘All Money In’ artist Pacman Da Gunman recently dropped their biggest album yet, featuring some of the hottest artists from the west coast.

Working closely with members of the late Nipsey Hussle’s ‘All Money In’ record label, SpaceNTime is an upcoming producer out of the west with a notably unique style. The talented producer has emerged with a major album release under his belt by artist Pacman Da Gunman. Produced almost entirely by SpaceNTime, the album features some of the most respected artists from the West Coast and across the nation. Space’s production credits on the album include the scorching hot singles ‘How You Feel’ ft. The Game, as well as ‘Outside’ with Dom Kennedy, and ‘Racing to the Grave’ Ft. Mozzy.

SpaceNTime’s work has gained recognition from the masses. The music video for the hit track ‘Never Gon Change’ by Pacman ft O.T Genesis has reached over 2 million views on YouTube, and continues to grow and reach new audiences. ”It was the first track I produced that hit Power 106 here in LA”, says Space. This was a huge achievement for SpaceNTime as an upcoming producer. The beat used in ‘Never Gon Change’ took a lot of work to perfect, and needed many revisions before it was finalised and released. “I usually start and finish beats in one sitting, but I felt that it needed more work than usual to ensure it was perfect. I knew it had potential, and I wanted the song to be as good as it could possibly be”.

SpaceNTime’s journey as a producer began at a young age. His curiosity to learn how Hip-Hop was made led him to develop a passion for music. Space values the simplicity yet intricate nature of music, and ultimately believes that less is more.

The first person Space started working with was his current recording engineer, Syphon, way back when he was in High School. After connecting through MySpace, Space and Syphon hit it off right away and formed a connection. They both had a crazy work ethic, and their love for music led them to hustle together for years. They weren’t expecting to make a career out of music. It’s simply what they enjoyed doing.

Syphon introduced Space to Pacman Da Gunman back in 2015. They soon began to build chemistry and started to work together. The music they started to put out had a unique sound, which they both received compliments for – “We had a sound that you just couldn’t make up”.

Over time, Space has developed his own unique style which continues to bring him recognition from across the globe. Citing his influence from West Coast legends like Dr. Dre and DJ Quik, blended with heavy inspiration from Science Fiction and Horror, his work truly stands out amongst other names in the industry. “What sets me apart is the sound of my music, and the brand I’ve created. I take pride in producing all of my beats from a perspective that’s true to me, and staying original in every project I take on”. His hard hitting, nocturnal sound is incomparable.

SpaceNTime is on the right track, and projected to grow substantially by the time 2021 rolls around. But things weren’t always easy. Life as an upcoming producer was not a smooth road at all for Space. “There were times that I’d just want to quit and try something else, but I always ended up coming back to music. I’ve always been a nonconformist type, so regardless of what other people said I stayed on course”.

Overall, Space’s recent accomplishments have been a huge turning point. The upcoming producer is starting to gain notable traction, which is incredible considering that he’s only just getting started. New music is under development which will be released in summer 2020. Pacman Da Gunman has plans to release a solo project which will feature some of SpaceNTime’s greatest work to this day. Stay on the lookout for this and be sure to check out Space’s content in the meantime.

For more information, follow: https://www.instagram.com/spacey6/

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