MecKiss Three-Layer Makeup Remover: Revolution of makeup remover

MecKiss is a minority skin care brand of Britain. It has a novel cleansing oil, which is widely loved by consumers.

This cleansing oil is made up of three layers of liquid. Each layer is made up of different components. It is distinguished by three colors: yellow, orange and pink. The first layer is yellow. Its main function is to clean and remove heavy makeup. After volunteers’ evaluation, the results show that it is very effective for heavy makeup such as waterproof mascara, concealer, foundation liquid and eye shadow. The second layer is orange, and its main function is to keep moisture. It can effectively lock moisture and nourish the skin while cleaning the skin. The third layer is pink, which can mainly protect the skin. It is added with natural plant ingredients to reduce skin damage when removing makeup.

When talking about the three-layer design, the head of the research and development center said very sincerely: “because the makeup remover products on the market are either very greasy after use or not clean enough. We find this is a market gap. And after makeup removal, there are a lot of complicated skin care procedures. Then why can’t makeup remover also protect skin?  Also for the sake of skin care, alcohol and essence are never added to the ingredients.”

“I usually use two kinds of makeup remover, the face and eyes and lips are basically separated, but one bottle of this makeup remover can actually remove the full face makeup.” The volunteers said so. “Because this makeup remover is designed by pump, I only need to press once to remove makeup. If you keep observing, you will find that the make-up is gradually dissolving. The eye makeup that is more difficult to solve can be removed as long as it is wet applied for 10 seconds.”

When asked how sensitive skin can determine whether it can use this product, the researchers explained. “We also considered the difficulties in selecting products for customers with sensitive skin, and specially added three skin nourishing ingredients, namely Jojoba oil, rosemary and macadamia nuts. Ask any skin care expert and he or she will tell you that they are all very friendly ingredients to sensitive skin, so this product can be said to be applicable to almost all skin types.”

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