What To Expect From an eDiscovery Company, According to RealtimeCampaign.com

What To Expect From an eDiscovery Company, According to RealtimeCampaign.com

According to the law, the discovery process involves a search for either evidence or assets about a court case. Discovery is often used to substantiate claims in civil and criminal cases. Using e-discovery companies to retrieve the data gives individuals and investigators a way to collect data for their cases. 

Discovering Hidden Bank Accounts

Discovering hidden bank accounts helps organizations determine if workers are guilty of embezzlement. Using digital forensics helps investigators get the evidence they need to link the worker to funds that were stolen from the company. With e-discovery, the investigators can search through the worker’s computers and devices to acquire evidence. The investigation shows when and where the funds were stolen and transferred into a hidden bank account.  

Discovery in a Divorce Case

Discovery in a divorce case helps each party get a full list of all assets that are considered marital property. Too often with divorce cases, individuals transfer money and hide assets to separate the assets from the marital estate and keep them for themselves. The discovery process enables investigators to uncover hidden assets and ensure each party receives its fair share of the entire estate. Using e-discovery is a faster and more efficient way to find assets, according to realtimecampaign.com. The process helps find assets that were transferred to offshore accounts outside the country in an attempt to reduce the value of the marital estate. 

Finding Erased Files in A Criminal Investigations

Finding erased files in a criminal investigation could be the pivotal point in the case’s prosecution. The process enables investigators to lift and pull data from devices even when the hard drive was wiped. As long as the hard drive wasn’t destroyed completely, the investigators can retrieve the data. Using the data could be the only thing the prosecutors need to achieve a conviction. This practice is lawful and all evidence is admissible in the court. Casepoint Achieves FedRAMP Authorization for eDiscovery Solution for criminal investigations. Anyone who wants to learn more about these types of investigations will dig this now. 

Finding and Saving the Information Immediately

Finding and saving information immediately helps the case. The process enables investigators to get the data from the device and save it instantly. Previously, investigators had to get a warrant to acquire the device and take the device to a lab for an assessment. Today, advanced technology allows the investigators to retrieve information on-site and store it for later use. The e-discovery application completes assessments of the data in record time and distinguishes what data is useful to the investigations. Agencies who need to learn more about the product can explore vendors such as Digital WarRoom today. 

According to the law, discovery is often used for collecting evidence for a court case and using the evidence to substantiate allegations. In criminal cases, the process is used to collect evidence of a crime and pinpoint the perpetrator. In a divorce, it is used to find all marital assets. Understanding what to expect from e-discovery software and applications show investigators and agencies why the product is invaluable.

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