Splashgear’s Full-Body Swimsuit Featured in Award-Winning Fashion Exhibition

Splashgear’s Full-Body Swimsuit Featured in Award-Winning Fashion Exhibition
Splashgear swimwear is making big strides in the fashion world after being featured in Contemporary Muslim Fashions, recipient of the 2020 Richard Martin Exhibition Award.

Splashgear’s full-body swimsuit is giving the world a glance at what life as a swimming enthusiast is like for the principled modern-day woman through their trendsetting, yet fully covered, swimsuits. 

Every person and every organization has a desire to make an impact in this world. Splashgear is no different. This desire to make an impact has led to Splashgear’s most outstanding feat of achievement thus far–getting featured in the Contemporary Muslim Fashions exhibition, a recipient of the 2020 Richard Martin Exhibition Award, which is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a fashion exhibition within the United States.

Contemporary Muslim Fashions is the first museum exhibition that has delved into the modern nature of modest Muslim fashion. In a world where many people feel that wearing less is more, this exhibition has dedicated itself to exploring the different ways that designers cater to women who prefer to cover up, no matter the situation or location. 

This exhibition is transformative and is a perfect demonstration of the innovation and excellence that can be achieved when creative minds come together. When it comes to swimwear, many women of principle are faced with tough choices. Most swimwear is either tight-fitting or bare it all for the world to see. 

Fourteen years ago, Splashgear set out to give women greater options and their efforts have resulted in a swimwear line that reflects class and mastery in design and manufacturing. They provide options for both full-body and modest coverage, which are ideal for religious women as well as women looking for UV-protection. The main objective of this swimwear line has always been to give girls and women the ability to confidently enjoy themselves in the water while covering up their body from public view.

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Muslim women who love to swim have especially benefitted from the Islamically-compliant swimwear.  They can become one with the water and enjoy themselves whether they are on a family vacation, honeymoon, or are merely trying to learn the art of swimming. This has been welcomed as a great relief as they do not have to choose between sacrificing their principles or giving up a beloved activity for their faith. Personalities such as April Delancey and Mariam Sobh rate their swimsuits highly and are lovers of the brand. 

Contemporary Muslim Fashions has opened the eyes of the world to a different perspective, and attention has been drawn to Muslim women and their modern way of dressing. This exhibition, along with Splashgear’s collaboration, is just the start in telling the stories of Muslim women, their lives, and the creative ideas that enhance them. Splashgear is grateful to have been part of this beautiful exhibition, its contribution helping toward winning this prestigious award.

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