Choosing a Good and Safe Daycare by Prabhjit Sahnan

Daycare Life as Prabhjit Sahnan sees it-

Daycares are a huge part of a lot of parents’ lives. The daily drop off of kids to daycare and the subsequent pickup cycle seems never ending. A lot of parents think about their children at daycare all day, are they happy? Fed? Having fun? Prabhjit Sahnan understands the needs. Having children at daycare can have a lot of emotional reactions from parents. This is totally understandable; kids are our future. Ensuring a good, safe, daycare environment is an important part of choosing a daycare. A Child’s Story provides this.

A Child’s Story Daycare

A Child’s Story is a daycare located in the Terwillegar area of Edmonton. It’s a daycare in Edmonton Their facilities are state of the art, and include a giant flex room for all types of activities, as well as an outdoor private playground. In the flex room is different toys, craft supplies, and an area to read or play with other things. Sometimes, the staff at a Child’s Story call in specialists to teach the littles different skills and activities like taekwondo, art, music, and yoga. This allows kids to discover different things they might not have in regular life. This daycare is overall really well set up. There are livestream cameras in all the rooms to allow parents to check in with their kids, 24/7. The ratio of students to leaders is one that allows all students to have 100% supervision, 100% of the time. This fosters a huge sense of safety. According to Prabhjit Sahnan, kids are allowed to create at all times, somewhat free time is fostered so that kids can sharpen their creativity skills, as well as fine motor skills.

Overall Daycare Life

The daycare overall is a lovely place created by Prabhjit Sahnan to look after your kids for the day. The children get time to learn different things that they might not have been able to explore before. Kids are also encouraged to have fun. Time at the daycare, while structured, includes times where the kids can be free and have time to explore sensory play, mindfulness, and imaginative play. The daycare is safe, and fun, and a lovely place for kids to spend the day. Kids will meet new friends and have social activities to sharpen their social skills so they can become confident young people.

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