Multicore Technology in preliminary talks with big pharma regarding potential collaboration of technologies and research

“Our decision to consider partnering with a pharmaceutical company is critical to the long-term development of Multicore Technology.”

Research and development partnerships between the pharma and biotech sectors are now a vital component in bringing new medicines to the market – so much so that securing the best partnership for the best price has become a core competency for Multicore Technology.

Our initial objective is to use our robotic devices to dispense life-saving medication in hospital wards, doctors’ surgeries and pharmacies. Implementing the use of our robotics in the supply chain is also a major consideration.

The pharmaceutical industry has also seen advancement in the benefits of personalized medicine, which allows drugs to be customized to individual patients, thereby increasing efficacy. Automation is crucial for this to become commercially viable, as it will help reduce the complexity of the process and keep costs low while also increasing the speed of analysing individual gene sequences. We feel that our robotics have applications in every field of medication.

Currently, the industry produces billions of medicines each month, all of which are inspected thoroughly before being distributed. Manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that each medication has undergone quality checks and is packaged and labeled correctly. Packaging systems use automation to manage capping, labeling and bottle orientation. Using techniques such as Raman spectroscopy, it is possible to measure molecule vibration and rotational energy to ensure compounds are correctly composed. This has sped up the process and has also cut the labour unit costs involved.

With the new processes available it is only a matter of time before automation is the norm in the pharmaceutical industry. Multicore Technology has announced plans to invest $4.7 million USD to build digital and robotic capabilities to help with cutting-edge treatments.

The introduction of robots will help to increase capacity, reduce manufacturing costs and also reduce waste. Although the cost is high in the short term, the return on investment is highly beneficial especially as the pricing and reimbursement of drugs continue to be a problem.

Among the suitors we are courting are a number of pharma companies involved in the discovery and development of a potential coronavirus vaccine.

“Our partnership strategies cover every area of development. We recognize that some of the most forward-thinking science happens outside the walls of Multicore Technology,” said co-founder Brian Wilson.

“Partnering with big pharma can bring many benefits to a growing biotech company. Beyond a flow of cash, the right partners can increase the chances of success of a development program and reduce the time it takes. I think partnerships bring a lot of good things, the cash is really important, the validation, learning from big pharma – they have a lot to teach biotech,” he said.

We aim to accomplish a promising partnership with mutually agreeable benefits for all parties involved.  In order to find the best partnership opportunity, Multicore Technology have had to consider the current stage of development of our technology and where we can contribute to big pharma.

Our interest in a partnership also takes into consideration the current stage of development of various coronavirus vaccines in clinical testing stages by pharma companies.

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