If You Had Zero Income for a Whole Year, Would You Survive?

“Be prepared for a year off, you never know when one might be forced upon you.” Author Steve Larsen provides a roadmap for individuals who are looking to leave their current job and enter into a new career, whether by choice, or by circumstance. 

Feeling stuck in a job rut? For most, getting out of a job they hate and into the career of their dreams, won’t be an overnight event. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as a flip of a switch. A drastic lifestyle change requires planning, systems, and an idea of where you’re headed for the future.  Steve Larsen has drawn from his 20 years of financial experience working hands-on with clients, to write A Year Off: The Anti-Budget Solution to Mastering Your Money and Following Your Dreams.

Larsen shares that a shocking 85% of American workers hate their job, according to a 2017 Gallup study. Most recently, after months of working from home, pay-cuts, and furloughs due to Covid-19, more people than ever are realizing a lack of passion for their career and are looking for a system that provides the tools to make a change. 

Lack of savings, resources, and knowledge force many to stay in a job they dislike for far too long. Larsen’s system, ‘Months of Freedom’, provides a step-by-step guide to accumulate enough savings to take a full year off to pursue the life and career you actually want.

Recognizing that for many people, stringent budgets and lengthy excel sheets simply don’t work, Larsen offers a different approach: bucketing not budgeting. Instead of counting and categorizing every dollar spent, Larsen’s approach simplifies the entire process. Instead of endless spending categories, determine the four main buckets that make up your finances. Your main bucket is your income. Your income flows into three additional buckets: fixed expenses, lifestyle expenses, and savings. Once readers have identified their buckets, Larsen provides a step by step guide to set up your buckets, simplify your spending, and finally recognize exactly where your money is going. 

When considering making a drastic career change, Larsen suggests readers start by answering three questions: 

“Do I have the flexibility to make a change right now? Whether I want to, or it’s forced upon me, do I have the financial set up to change my career without wreaking havoc on myself and my family?”

”How long would it take to acquire the financial means to make a career change?

“If I could take a year off, what would I do with it?”

The first question is easy, but most people have no idea how to answer the second two. Luckily, A Year Off provides detailed instructions for how to financially plan for a year off coupled with a how-to guide to figure out what you want to do next, and how to get there. The program is concise and easy to follow, void of financial jargon and superfluous success stories, Larsen’s system quickly gets down to the nitty-gritty of how to plan for a drastic change. Each chapter offers checklists and simplified illustrations, aimed at providing value to even the busiest reader. 

Larsen’s ultimate goal is to provide readers with the freedom, and the know-how to make a change. The guide is for everyone, from the 25-year-old, bored in their first job, to the 55-year-old, disappointed over their career choice and lacking fulfillment and passion for their work. Unlike many financial self-help books, Larsen recognizes that most readers are not single and debt-free, A Year Off gives tangible advice to those with a family, a mortgage, and a long list of responsibilities. 

The concept of taking a year off to pursue personal and professional growth, should not feel impossible to anyone. Rather, armed with Larsen’s guide, anyone can plan for a year off and take the steps needed to invest in a meaningful life and career. 

Look for Larsen’s book, A Year Off: The Anti-Budget Solution to Mastering Your Money and Following Your Dreams in stores and online in summer 2020. 

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