Bitcatcha Launches Vietnam Language Site With Server Speed Checker Tool

Bitcatcha Launches Vietnam Language Site With Server Speed Checker Tool
The website devoted to helping local Vietnamese webmasters find the right tools to purchase has made a server speed checker available on the home page.

Bitcatcha has launched a website in the Vietnamese language to provide tools for webmasters. On the home page, the company has made a sophisticated speed checker. The importance of a dependable and fast hosting speed rate is undeniable. The unique tool on the home page allows for accurate measurement of the speed of the host. When the hosting speed is not meeting the users’ demands, thousands of customers can be lost with all potential sales associated with those customers. 

Two main factors affect the overall loading speed of a website. The first is the server speed, due to the web host. The second factor is the design of the website. It must have clean code, a functioning cache, plugins, and visual media operating correctly. Before being able to determine how fast the web hosting speed is, an accurate measurement is critical. 

A fast website provides better user experience, more satisfied customers, a longer list of subscribers, more views, and more people sharing content. A fast website means more opportunities for sales, leading to more profit. Visitors to the website demand speed, but Google is also interested in fast websites. 

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The website also contains a number of helpful tips about how to rank the results obtained from the speed checker tool, plus tips for improving the speed. Google searches for the fastest loading sites and ranks them higher. The success of Google is partly because the search engine giant wants to bring a breakthrough experience to users. Google wants users to find the answers to their questions and to find them fast. 

Once the speed has been measured and ranked, the next step is to take measures to improve its website. Several actions can be applied to improve the website loading speed. These include moving the server nearer to the customer; using dedicated hosting, cloud storage, or VPS; using the content distribution network, and activating ‘Keep Alive.’

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