Famous British Actor Kristian Demetriou Heading To Great Success

18 June, 2020 – Kristian Demetriou is an exceptional young man with outstanding talent and potential. Kristian Demetriou was born on the 5th of January 2004 in London, Westminster UK. Kristian started acting from the age of 3 years old and took his classes at the New London Performing Arts Centre, Muswell Hill. Kristian continues to take professional training classes. Kristian has been performing from a young age with notable credits including Law and Order UK which has been shown across America on PBS but also in London’s West End. Performing has been everything to Kristian throughout his childhood and its clear to see, but he is also a well-rounded person.

Kristian grew up in London, United Kingdom in a small town named Muswell Hill and is still living there till this day. Kristian enjoys performing anywhere, whether that is at summer festivals, Television, to west end shows. Kristian generally prefers to work in front of the camera but would generally be happy with any opportunity he gets. Kristian enjoys working within big and small environments whether he is filming a short film, featured film, stagecoach theatre production or west end theatre production. Kristian is a triple threat and is a professional in acting, singing and dance with 13 years experience.

Kristian founded the KD School of Performing Arts with the vision and desire to champion new talent alongside himself. Selfless in his approach to art and his own work, KD has gone from strength to strength becoming a leading performing art school in North London, it has given other performers a fantastic introduction into the performing arts business all through his entrepreneurial altruistic vision. A British citizen from birth.

The Jerry Pace Agency, Beverly Hills.

I had a great pleasure recently in welcoming Kristian Demetriou to our Agency. 

Our Agency has been around for 35 years and we pride ourselves in looking for the best talent no matter where they are from. Kristian submitted himself to us like thousands of young actors, after careful screening, he was given a one on one interview and given the opportunity to be part of our Agency in Beverly Hills. We have several celebrity’s and amazing talents including the winner of America’s Top Model CariDee English, from Greece Vicky Dali and young solid actor Maximilian Acevedo starring in upcoming Netflix Babysitter 2. Kristian had already achieved an impressive debut in Law & Order UK and has worked with a BAFTA award director, for him to join our Agency was a perfect transition to the US, his first American film could be a project based on a true scandal that rocked Columbia University 10 years ago. Kristian, we feel is a terrific vital young actor and an enterprising young man who started his own acting school in the UK. Kristian brings natural talent and instinct to his craft, we feel he will be a great asset to our industry not only in the US but everywhere in the world who likes to be entertained by a great dramatic story. – Pierre Patrick

Hamlet Management, UK

In 2017 hamlet Management appointed Kristian Demetriou. 

Kristian is an extremely talented young man. He has always shown a huge potential in his talent and a triple threat and exceptional actor in the industry. Kristian is extremely reliable and has always attended his castings whether they are big or small paid or unpaid and has always been professional. He is very well known in the UK industry within the casting director’s and has been cast for several jobs without an initial audition. He is currently the most successful young actor within our young actor clientele. He has a great charisma about himself as always positive and his work ethos is extraordinarily incredible and extremely motivated. 

Instagram: @KristianDemetriou

Twitter: @KristianDemz

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