Trichter & LeGrand DWI Team Reminds Texas Residents Why They Should Refuse A Breathalyzer

June 18, 2020 – Houston, Texas – Trichter & LeGrand is a DWI and criminal defense law firm. Founded in 1980, the firm has suggested the Texas residents stay away from a breathalyzer test. The attorney team warned in its blog post that the residents need to be careful if they have stopped for DWI.

Recently, the Breathalyzer tests have been a subject of controversy due to the inaccurate result they appear. A breathalyzer is a device for DUI investigation. People blow into to for a sample of breath to determine the alcohol content level of their blood. With 0.8 or higher results, the person is presumed to be impaired by alcohol. 

As the New York Times reported, on average, 40% of results are too high in a breath test, leading to false arrests and convictions.

The tests are often generating slanted outcomes despite claiming accuracy and precision. The police departments still rely on Breathalyzer proving the concentration of alcohol is higher in the blood ignoring the controversy around the accuracy of Breathalyzer. Hence The Houston DWI team warned in their post, “If you get to the point where he is asking you for a breath test then ninety-nine times out of a hundred you are going to be arrested.”

Trichter & LeGrand DWI attorneys recommend people not to comply and give the breath test because it may end up sending them in jail, ruining their reputation and name. So whether you say yes or no, it is not going to change the outcome right then and there.” mentioned in the post. 

Dealing with such matters demands attorneys with expertise and experience to excel in DUI defense. Not all DUI Defense attorneys have significant experience defending breathalyzer cases. Trichter & LeGrand with extensive 40 years of experience has won or dismissed thousands of cases. 

Founded by Houston DWI Attorney J. Gary Trichter is a DWI Specialist by the NCDD and recognized in the field of DWI, DUI, BWI, and FWI defense. Gary has defended Texans concerned with preserving their valuable reputation. Hiring trained Houston DUI Defense attorney with experience in defending breathalyzer test cases, can help in winning against these inaccuracies in court. It gives clients assurance that their cases are in the hands of a capable Houston DWI Attorney.

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