Tampa bookkeeping firm Ledger Logic helping law firms to scale up their businesses with expert accounting management

Ledger Logic supports attorneys and law firms all across the USA with comprehensive range of expert bookkeeping services at affordable rates.

Tampa, Florida – June 19, 2020 – Attorneys struggling with exorbitant fees of pricey accountants can finally heave a breath of relief. Tampa-based Ledger Logic is helping law firms with expert bookkeeping services at a highly economical fixed monthly rate. The bookkeeping company is aimed to support attorneys grow their law firms through strategic marketing and hiring decisions based on historical reporting, bookkeeping, and payroll services.

Although Ledger Logic is based in Tampa yet the bookkeeping firm caters to attorneys/law firms all across the state and the nation. 

“Business is always about a numbers game and you need to stay updated about your daily income, expenses, profit and loss every single day to make it big with your law firm. But we do understand that for a legal professional the first priority is always his/her law practice which hardly leaves him/her the time to juggle with the numbers. On top of that, you have your family responsibilities. Such a packed situation makes it mandatory to look for external help for the accounting services so that you don’t lose track on the numbers game. But then, accountants usually demand a pricey salary that becomes an additional burden especially for small and medium scale law firms. This is where Ledger Logic comes in to help”, stated Nicole Beech, seasoned bookkeeper and the dynamic lady behind Ledger Logic.

“At Ledger Logic, you have a conscientious, knowledgeable, and seasoned bookkeeper who can track your income & expenses, prepare monthly reports and get everything organized to make tax filing seamless and more convenient for you. Unlike pricey accountants who charge staggering fees, we assure you a very economical and cost-efficient assistance. We get you and your books on the same page and leave you with more free time to focus on building your legal practice.”

What separates Ledger Logic from regular accounting firms is its strict client-centric approach to ensure best experience for every client out there. A highly seasoned bookkeeper, Nicole is backed by extensive experience in the corporate world which has guided her to inculcate the corporate ethos of impeccable professionalism and detailed attention at every aspect of her business.

While asked about the services, the Ledger Logic founder stressed on helping clients with a comprehensive range of accounting and bookkeeping services. The firm extends a customized assistance to each client which starts with a free initial consultation, as per client’s preferred time and date. Based on that conversation, Nicole and her team study the client’s objectives, current accounting system as well as undertake modifications to streamline the entire system. The company provides a thorough report so that the client gets visuals on all the fiscal details for easy understanding of goal setting.

“We are your one-stop portal when you are planning to outsource the entire accounting department for your legal firm. From bank reconciliations to preparation of monthly income statements to management of accounts to creation and maintenance of balance sheets- we will help you with all these and much more. We can set up automatic payments for you so that you never lag behind on your payments and can stay updated on changing costs to keep expenses in check”, explained Nicole while discussing the services offered.

In regards to payroll management, Ledger Logic works with both manual and automated systems. Nicole’s team keeps regular track on the client’s hours and taxes to prevent unwanted surprises with year-end adjustments.

In Frame: Nicole Beech, Founder, Ledger Logic

Speaking on, Nicole stressed on assisting clients with personalized budget reports which are created based on every client’s specific business budget needs and condition. Not only that, the company also offers help with customized expense tracking.

“We are always looking forward to helping clients grow their businesses to newer heights. We do understand you may have plans to scale up your business further in the near future and that would incur a new set of expenses. We will support you here with customized reporting on the specific costs needed for your future plans so that you can keep tabs on them and prevent risks of getting overloaded with unnecessary expenditures.”

The company offers monthly/quarterly reports based on the client’s bank and end dates of statements. Nicole and her team are flexible to work together with client’s accountant or CPA (if any) and would help with all pertinent reports needed for auditing or tax filing.

While approached further, Nicole highlighted on the unique advantages of working with Ledger Logic –

  • Great savings – Ledger Logic serves clients as their virtual bookkeeper and not their pricey hourly employee. As a result, clients are able to enjoy huge savings on payroll taxes and employee benefits.
  • Fixed fee – The company assures a fixed service fee every month and no hidden surprises in the name of overtime fees.
  • Reduced workplace expenses – The Ledger Logic team works in its own office and uses its own in-house supplies, utilities and equipment. Clients don’t have to bear the cost of hosting Nicole and her squad.
  • Reduced office space – Ledger Logic follows virtual paperless bookkeeping which cuts down on space-eating filing systems.
  • Enhanced efficiency – Ledger Logic promises clear and actionable financial reporting to keep clients updated about financial performance of their business which eventually leads to better efficiency in business operations.

“With us, you will always have the peace of mind knowing you have expert bookkeepers by your side who will provide you with all needed financial reporting and support to make informed decisions. We will help you with all the figures you need to steer your legal business in a profitable direction.”

Ledger Logic has already earned a long list of rave reviews from its happy clientele all across the USA.

I use several independent contractors in my small business, and I never seemed to be able to stay on top of my 1099s. Since hiring Ledger Logic, I know my 1099s are always in order, and I don’t have to worry about them.” – David Powers

“Attorneys and other business owners: I am a good attorney I am a lazy accountant. So I turn to Nicole Beech and Ledger Logic to do it for me. I make way more money doing law instead of doing the books. Give her a message to see how it can help your business.” – Derek Bernstein of Bernstein Law

For more information, please visit https://theledgerlogic.com/.

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