Innovative social app with “mindful swiping” technology goes live with 1000+ users

Curius is a free, unique, social networking app powered with patented mindful swiping technology which enables users to find most compatible matches as per their specific social intentions.

Detroit, Michigan – June 19, 2020 – A revolutionary social app is all set to redefine social connections and for better. Titled “Curius”, the innovative app was officially launched earlier this week with around 1000 users already on-board. Designed with patented “mindful swiping” technology, the app is aimed to help create meaningful social interaction as per specific preferences of users.

Curius was officially launched on June 17, 2020, in Detroit, Michigan. The app is available for free on the Apple App Store and will soon be available on the Google Play Store as well.

Harrit Diwan, the CEO and Co-Founder of Curius, states, “The problem with current social apps is that you never know whether or not you share the same social intention with the other person when s/he approaches you. It’s futile to keep on chatting with a person when your social intentions are completely different at the end of that day. This is where Curius is a complete game-changer with our patented ‘mindful swiping’ technology. It eliminates the guesswork and makes things transparent by enabling you to express your social interests as well as view that of others when you swipe through a profile or someone swipes through yours. This makes it easier for all users to find their most suitable ‘match’ as per their particular social interests.”

Instead of left/right swiping, users will be able to swipe in 6 directions and each direction represents a specific social intention. The 6 intentions include:

  • Serious Romance
  • Casual Romance
  • Serious Commitment or Wedding
  • Quick Fling
  • Friendship
  • Simple Texting or Chatting

With the ability to express your intentions while swiping, you will have a fair idea on the actual social intention of other users as well. If you match with that user, you can go ahead and strike up a meaningful conversation in no time based on shared interests because the fear of having different needs in a relationship is already taken care of. On the other hand, if a user’s social intention doesn’t match with yours, you can avoid that profile and save yourself from wasting time on an incompatible match.

The app holds a record of all the categories other users have swiped you as well so that you can receive insights on how other users have viewed your profile. Based on that, you can tailor your profile as per your particular social needs to ensure the most compatible results.

“It gives us immense pleasure to announce the official launch of our new social app ‘Curius’ this month. We have been waiting so long for this moment and, after 4 months of testing, marketing, and customer research, Curius is finally live with around 1000 people already on the platform. We are confident Curius will herald a new era in the space of social connections and make it more convenient to find the most suitable match for your preferred form of social interaction,” says Brittney Spencer, the other Co-Founder and Content Lead.

“All the comments and swipes you will receive from other users will be kept private and will only be available for your viewing. It will enable you to filter out the most compatible matches with whom you can actually develop a great social connection – just the way you wish to.”

For more information, please visit: or to download, visit the Apple App Store.

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