Look Optic is excited to announce the launch of kids’ blue-light glasses that are specifically designed to protect the eyes from the harmful blue-light from phones, ipads, computers, etc.

Look Optic enables people to be fashionable without crossing their budget, while keeping their eyes protected from electronic screens!

Los Angeles, CA, USA – Look Optic, founded in 2017, is a leader in the Ready-to-Wear (over the counter) eyewear space, selling both online, as well as at over 100 retail locations throughout the US, including Bloomingdales, The Guggenheim Museum, and the Four Seasons. Recently, with the trend of online schooling, due to COVID-19, there has also been an upsurge in the eyestrain caused by computer screens. To tackle this issue, Look Optic is proud to introduce a line of blue-light glasses in July 2020, that is specially designed for kids so that they can comfortably spend their time learning via electronic devices.

Look Optic relies on the latest research to manufacture A-1 quality spectacles that it sells. The company found out that the children’s developing eyes are at far greater risk to be damaged via blue-light and UV rays, than those of adults. LOOK is releasing a Kids line in July of 2020. The first release will leverage LOOK’s two most successful frames, the Wayfarer style SULLIVAN and the round ABBEY, in three core colors and one limited-edition color.

Look Optic, co-founded by Andrew Leary who established to help everyone who depends upon Readers, to own such with prescription quality lenses at a price they can afford multiple frames. LOOK has been proactively releasing up-to-date, colors and styles,  to keep his customers satisfied. In his words: “We believe age is nothing but a magnification number and just because your eyesight is changing, doesn’t mean you have to. You should never have to surrender your style for a moment of clarity – no matter how small the font or the size of your screen. So, we aim to reframe the whole conversation about readers and make glasses that you can wear proudly.”

With over 10,000 customers, 99.8% of all LOOK’s online reviews are five-star. The Wall Street Journal has lauded the company by calls LOOK “The Warby Parker of Reading Glasses”. Working with designers from Oliver Peoples, the company spent over one-year, sourcing the finest materials from around the world to create the perfect readers. Providing consumers with the highest quality product available for the price.

It is the vision of the company to make wearing readers a fun, fashionable, and fearless experience. The company believes that its products instill confidence in the wearers which is important to remain stylish.

About the Company:

Established in 2017, LOOK OPTIC is a leader in the Ready-to-Wear eyewear space, selling at over 100 retail locations including Bloomingdales, The Guggenheim Museum, and the Four Seasons. The company is renowned for providing quality products at affordable prices to make fashion accessible for people belonging to all backgrounds.

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