The Word Counter is an online set of tools that help write enthralling articles – Now launching a new “Random Letter Generator Tool” that can generate random letters in a variety of languages

The new tool launched by The Word Counter by the name of “Random Letter Generator Tool” can be immensely helpful for several tasks, like the creation of password or puzzle games, etc. This tool can also be used to create random letters in many different languages, not just English.

Playa Vista, CA, USA – The Word Counter is an online piece of software that has many different tools and features that can be used to create articles that are worth reading. A newly launched feature “Random Letter Generator” can create random letters quickly in many different languages. Random letters can be used in generating complex passwords or making puzzle games. The Word Counter also provides useful grammar tips in the form of a blog, these tips vary from differentiating commonly misused words to explaining different expressions of speech. In the FAQ section, word count questions can be answered, explaining how many pages will the article of certain words and font size acquire.

The Word Counter is a very useful tool for writing any sort of material, be it a school assignment or a professional document, and it can be used by both the beginners and professionals. This online software can tell how many words, characters, sentences and paragraphs. The blog on the site is actively updated and useful information regarding common mistakes made in the English language are pointed out and solutions are given. The blog, which is written and kept updated by the professionals can act as a useful resource for everyone.

Copywriters can leverage the power of The Word Counter and use the character counting tool to count the characters for a tweet, Google’s Meta description and Facebook post. They can keep track of their post length according to common web standards and make their writings more effective. Along with this, the grammar checker tool can be used to check any grammar mistakes and make the document error-free which looks professional and well-built. It goes beyond just the grammar, and checks for any spelling mistakes, punctuations and sentence formation.

In addition to all these features, The Random Letter Generator can be very useful in generating complex random letters that are a mix of different letters, the random letters can also be generated in many languages to provide the usefulness for people all around the world. Random letters are thought to be easily generated but, in fact, it can get quite complex if the length of the random word is increased. So, to make things easier, this tool automatically creates random letters very quickly. The random letters can be generated in just two steps, first, the number of letters is selected, then the desired language is chosen and just like that, simply and easily, the random letters are generated in a matter of seconds. The usefulness of The Word Counter is viable for all because of its robustness and simplicity.

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