Teffi Hernandez teaches what’s behind the camera, Action

Venezuelan, TV Producer, journalist and now a writer. A few weeks ago in the midst of the pandemic of the Coronavirus that is crossing the world, Teffi launched her book entitled “Detrás de Cámara! ACCIÓN.”

And there is nothing more rewarding for her than being able to show all the work that is not shown on television cameras. To achieve the success that Teffi has had, it is necessary to work day and night to achieve the stated objectives.

Teffi tells us that this book is a practical and simple guide for all those young filmmakers or those who want to venture into this universe; “Mistakes are made every day, but it’s up to us to get up, learn and move on.” 

Teffi Hernandez tells us that being behind the scenes is a job that never stops learning, every day something new is discovered that leads us to improve the characteristics of the program or the production in which we are working. There are basic rules to comply with, such as punctuality, managing within the budget, having the necessary permits, among others.

After obtaining the gold award in the People category of the Telly Awards 2020 for her Yv Show named: Bienvenido America, Teffi shows us once again that it is possible to reach the United States and fulfill dreams. The important thing is to teach young people that this path through audiovisual production is not easy, there are many obstacles that can be overcome with intelligence and, above all, with the patience to find the best solutions.

“I hope that this little book be a guide where you can find many of the answers to the situations that are presented to us daily on the recording set. It has not been easy for me to make my way in a world that is dominated by men, and yet with my perseverance I have managed to take my productions to great festivals.”

Teffi continues to work with Dwhight Molina in their TV Show “Bienvenido America” and together with Kerly Ruiz in the TV Show “Mi Casa Es Tu casa”. This pandemic situation has led her to reinvent herself from home and do the programs through meetings on the internet. The idea is to keep working and not stop creativity. 

Hoping that very soon we will return to our new reality, Teffi will carry out the official launch of her book. For now it is available on Amazon and Kindle.

AMAZON LINK: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087ZCXHX2/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_BwZ0EbADMK8V1

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Venezuelan, journalist, musician and lover of horror movies. The most important thing for her is to keep creating and keep moving forward.

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