Sneeze Guards Pro Rolls Out New Portable Sneeze Guards to Provide Coronavirus Protection in Commercial and Industrial Industries

An American company, Sneeze Guards Pro, announced the release of its unique, Portable Sneeze Guard to house the growing need of business clients in industrial and commercial environments that need safety from the Coronavirus.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to prevail, sneeze guards have become an essential part of keeping employees and customers safe. Sneeze Guards work by providing a plexiglass sneeze guard between employees or customers while allowing a free-flowing interaction. Sneeze Guards are an effective form of PPE because they are easy to clean, provide protection on both sides, and show a commitment to your company’s safety.

Speaking about the product, a company executive said: “At Sneeze Guards Pro, your safety is our number one concern. That’s why we’ve invested in bringing you the best available low-cost protection against germs and airborne bacteria for your businesses. Our sneeze guards come in every shape and size. Protect employees and your customers by using a washable crystal-clear divider that creates a physical separation and helps maintain social distancing. This item provides a low-cost and unobtrusive solution for these challenging customer service areas.”

Many businesses, such as Convenience Stores and Grocery Stores, have already started using the Sneeze Shield. Other applications include banks, pharmacies, doctor offices, auto dealerships, veterinary hospitals or clinics, leasing offices, and other businesses that don’t want to modify countertops, tables, or equipment to mount their Sneeze Guard.

Sneeze Guards Pro has three major varieties of the Sneeze Guard: the Freestanding Plexiglass Sneeze Guards, Screw On Plexiglass Sneeze Guard, and the Hanging Plexiglass Sneeze Guard; and each one is designed for a unique situation. The company also offers customized design and size for clients who want theirs streamlined to serve specific purposes.

The company’s products have attracted rave reviews from its users. According to Eric A: “I needed a quick solution to separate my cashiers from customers for both their sakes. The Sneeze Guard arrived fast, and I was able to install them from the drop ceiling grids above the checkouts in about 25 minutes each.”

Another client, Nicol L, said: “I work in the HR department for a large company and staff a help desk. I was worried about the number of people I have to interact with every day. This sneeze guard is the perfect size for my desk and helps keep a barrier between us”.

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