US-Based Tech Firm, Dogan Technologies Which Offers AI-Based Data Interpretation Solutions, Launches Its First Seed Funding Round

Dogan Technologies, which provides software and AI-based solutions to help businesses better utilize their data, opens up to investors through its seed funding round on Fundable. 

With the penetration of the internet and the emergence of cutting-edge technologies, data has become very accessible in the business world. Today’s corporations – be it SMEs or large organizations, have access to a huge amount of data which can potentially provide valuable insights and help them develop new and better solutions. However, these businesses are still lagging behind in terms of organizing, comprehending, and using the data available in an optimized manner. In this context, Dogan Technologies is providing an integrated suite of technology, products, and services to help both start-ups and large organizations manage their data efficiently. 

About Dogan Technologies

Dogan Technologies is a US-based tech company that provides products and services to help businesses better manage their data, and use it to their advantage. The business world today is completely data-driven, and through its integrated line of products and services, Dogan Technologies enables businesses of all scales to handle their data initiatives efficiently. 

‘We create software to harness the power of data. We utilize your existing data and transform it to identify future trends’ – Dogan Technologies

Considering the drastic change in consumer behavior over the last decade, combining marketing with technology is the most feasible method of growing a business. This involves the accurate comprehension of available data and using it to generate meaningful insights. Dogan Technologies makes this possible for businesses across multiple industries and sectors (finance, travel, healthcare, education, media, entertainment, logistics, transportation, real estate, etc.) through its software and artificial intelligence-based solutions. It houses a strong team of professors, entrepreneurs, scientists, and developers, which provides a wide range of services involving – data mining, machine learning, data analytics, deep learning, cloud applications, natural language processing, computer vision, predictive analysis, etc. 

Dogan offers customized solutions for the exact requirements of a business in a particular industry. Skim through this document to know about Dogan’s personalized offerings for various industry sectors. 

Open For Investors

Dogan Technologies has recently started a Seed Funding Round and is inviting investors to join its mission of harnessing the power of data to help businesses across the world come up with data-driven solutions. The Seed Funding Round is currently live on Fundable, with all the relevant details, prerequisites, and information in regard to the investment opportunity. 

As we have heard time and again, data is the future of the world. So much so, it is being predicted that businesses across the world will generate $463 million terabytes of data per day by 2025, thus posing a huge opportunity for businesses to know more about their stakeholders and develop relevant solutions. 

In this scenario, Dogan, with its credible team is laser-focused on creating advanced software and AI-based solutions that will revolutionize how global business view and perceive their data. Know more about Dogan on its whitepaper

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