Dogan Technologies Announces Their Seed Round

June 2020 – Dogan Technologies, a company that specializes in creating software products and technologies that are AI-driven yet 21st-century compliant, is so happy to announce the launching of a fundraising campaign for its brand. As a brand that is synonymous with quality and best products, Dogan Technologies offers services that involve artificial intelligenceconsultinginformation technologymachine learning, and development of different useful software. Dogan Technologies also parades seasoned and professional software experts who are ready to build Artificial Intelligence-based solutions for the world. The company now enjoins everyone to contribute to its development.

Since its inception, Dogan Technologies has counted solely on contributions from the Founder and a handful of partners to produce great software and advance technological development. However, to go a step further, the brand needs the support of everyone who is interested in the development of information technology and software. Unlike other software companies, Dogan Technologies is using its technology to assist during pandemics like COVID-19. To participate in the fundraising, a wide array of contributions can be made on the Fundable page. This fundraising event has been consciously tailored to fit different budgets and ensure that every interested person can contribute to the development of  Dogan Technologies.

At Dogan Technologies, we provide software and artificial intelligence-based solutions that signifies breakthrough in the technological and software field. We are doing this to help ease the work and operation of different organizations and individuals,” said Dogan, the Founder. “Many businesses face difficulty in utilizing their data to make informed decisions as their data is not organized in one place. We design and build software that solves such issues and makes everything simple for the end user,” he concluded.

Through this fundraising campaign being organized by Dogan Technologies, the brand will be able to advance its course and mission through in-depth research and innovative development of different AI-driven products. Dogan Technologies currently provides software and artificial intelligence-based solutions to Fortune 100 clients. Many businesses face difficulty in utilizing their data to make informed decisions as their data is not organized in one place. Their team provides warehousing solutions to store data from multiple systems into a centralized environment. Their data platform utilizes your existing data and transforms it to identify future trends.

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