CD Bioparticles: A Trustworthy Provider of All Sorts of PEG Conjugations

As a top-class institution as well as experienced supplier in drug delivery, CD Bioparticles now launches cover-all PEG conjugations to global clients.

New York, USA – June 23, 2020 – Polyethylene glycol (PEG), a biocompatible, synthetic, hydrophilic polyether compound, is non-toxic, FDA-approved, and is frequently used in many biomedical applications including bioconjugation, drug delivery, surface functionalization, and tissue engineering. Bioconjugation with PEG is the covalent conjugation of drug targets such as peptides, proteins, or oligonucleotides with PEG for the optimization of pharmacokinetic properties.

With customized delivery strategies, precise designs, and advanced technical platforms, CD Bioparticles provides various kinds of PEG conjugations covering 8-arm PEGs, 2-arm PEGs, 4-arm PEGs, lipid PEGs, Y-shaped PEGs, trifunctional PEGs, monodispersed linear PEGs, monofunctional linear PEGs, homobifunctional linear PEGs and heterobifunctional linear PEGs.

• Lipid PEGs

CD Bioparticles offers lipid PEGs with customized size and functionalities as well as enhanced lipophilic properties for small and macromolecule formulations, which are diversified by functional groups, such as methoxy, amine, acid, NHS, cholesterol, biotin, vinyl sulfone, hydroxyl, etc.

Y-shaped PEGs

The sterically bulky structure of Y-shape branched PEG derivatives, consisting of two linear methoxy PEG chains attached to a central core with an active NHS group, may help to reduce the number of attachment sites to a protein molecule and enable simple and efficient modification of proteins and other biological agents that contain lysine.

Trifunctional PEGs

Designed as linkers for Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs), as they facilitate the coupling of high ratios of drug molecule per antibody. ADCs conjugated via multi-arm PEGs deliver a higher concentration of drugs to targets for each antibody-antigen interaction and exhibit improved solubility and PK/PD profile.

“During the development of PEG conjugations, researchers usually meet obstacles such as strong immune response or foreign body response of the materials, fast clearance of the drug cargos and limited PEGylation methods,” said a senior scientist at CD Bioparticles, “and with extensive experience, we are confident to provide qualified products to clients worldwide.”

The PEG conjugations at CD Bioparticles include various of density of the functional groups or different chemical geometries useful for fabricating biomaterials with controllable mechanical properties. With wide coverage of functional groups applicable to different conjugation/crosslinking reactions and active building blocks for different biomaterial fabrications, PEG conjugations are able to perform well in non-fibrosis surface coating applications, antibacterial applications and nanomaterial modifications for long-term circulation purpose.

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About CD Bioparticles

CD Bioparticles is an established drug delivery company that provides customized solutions for developing and producing new, biocompatible drug delivery systems. It specializes in a range of formulation and drug delivery technologies, from conventional liposomes, PEGylated liposomes for drug delivery to polymer microspheres and nanoparticles for enhanced drug delivery, providing contract services of drug delivery formulation developments for basic research, formulation feasibility studies, process development and scale-up, formulation characterization, analytical and nonclinical services.

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