Legio, A New SaaS Product, Offers Facebook And Slack Integration for Businesses

Legio, A New SaaS Product, Offers Facebook And Slack Integration for Businesses
The new product called Legio integrates Slack and Facebook, which allows businesses that use Slack to receive messages from Facebook via Slack and reply to them. In addition to enhanced customer side support options.

An innovative new SaaS product, delivering Slack Facebook integration, promises to ensure that businesses using Slack never miss another message from their followers, clients, or prospects who send messages on Facebook. Furthermore, the new product called Legio also allows businesses and their customer service team to respond to those messages directly and collaboratively via Slack’s interface. While this is how things work on the business side of the product, it also offers numerous options on the client’s or customer’s end. Apart from Facebook, customers can also send messages via LINE, Telegram, and Viber.  

Legio is the very first SaaS product to offer this level integration, which is the type of integration that many businesses will find invaluable. Never before has the Slack app marketplace had an app that was even similar to this, but developers Senseisoft are very sure that it is going to be extremely successful. 

Readers can find out more about the Legio app, and learn more about the business behind it by visiting their official website https://legiocs.com

Many businesses across the world use Slack. It is one of the best platforms for companies to coordinate, and with the current lockdown in many parts of the world, it ensures that collaboration can be done from home. However, the challenge with using Slack has always been that it does not integrate with competing messaging platforms like Facebook. Fortunately, with the launch of Legio, that’s no longer the case. 

A lot of businesses that use Slack have a few thousand employees. The platform does very well with large companies. However, many, if not all, large businesses have bustling social media pages and profiles through which they provide customer service, answer inquiries, etc. Legio is the answer to all businesses’ challenges to communicate with their clients and customers on social media without leaving the Slack platform. The upshot to this is that customer service and salespeople can communicate via Slack without having to switch back and forth to and from Facebook,” said the spokesperson for Legio. 

She also talked about the benefit for customers who are trying to reach out to the company “Businesses that install Legio for Slack will be able to offer their customers the ability to send them messages via Facebook, Viber, LINE, and Telegram. All of these messages can be read and responded to from one place, collaboratively, which makes communication and customer service easier.” 

Legio is owned and developed by Senseisoft, one of the leaders in messaging platform integrations. They offer both custom and off-the-shelf solutions used by numerous businesses and government organizations

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