Genre-less artist Archie Darling releases his latest track “Sugar Vice and Everything Nice”

Based out of Denver, Colorado, Archie Darling is a multifaceted artist who produces, sings, song writes, and plays a variety of instruments, both digital and acoustic. Initially, song writing did not come naturally to Archie Darling until a month after he turned 20. He found himself drawn towards something but couldn’t place his finger on it. It was the time when he finally decided to give songwriting a try and wrote a song about one of his past relationships. That was it for him. He tried his hand in DAW computer programs during the same time and started to record music with a $15 microphone. This marked the beginning of his musical journey.

Archie Darling released his first debut single “WonkaVision” in 2018 on Spotify. A majority of his unpublished songs can be found on Soundcloud. While these have a less polished sound, he is proud to call all of his songs his own because each one showcases the progressive growth of Archie Darling as an artist.

This year, Archie Darling decided to move out of his shell and try something new. On his latest projects, “Sugar Vice and Everything Nice” and “Pop Sells”, he has collaborated with third-party producers, and the outcome of this move has turned out to be pretty amazing. “Sugar Vice and Everything Nice” is full of captivating beats and vocals that reminds him  a bit of a mix of Tears for Fears and Jeffree Star. “Pop Sells” is sort of a 180 flip to bubblegum pop, that reminds him of Owl Cities’ Fireflies with a Nicki Minaj style trap beat. Archie Darling states, “This song sort of emphasizes egoism and the hollow or void behind lyrics found throughout pop music but at the same time, celebrates pop music’s melodic auto-tuned beauty.”

When asked about the challenges he faces on his musical journey, Archie Darling says, “Realizing that I’m (mostly) alone in this journey has been a hard pill to swallow. Aside from the virtual help on Fiverr, which has tremendously improved the quality of my sound, I’m largely solo in every aspect of this. I did have help from friends in college with creating album art and music video production, but now college is over, and we have all dispersed to different sides of the country.” However, he has made himself adaptable, molding the image and sound he envisions for a particular song, learning and growing as an artist and producer along the way.

Archie Darling asks his fans to stay tuned as more amazing music is on its way.

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