A Broken or Malfunctioning Furnace Can Be a Real Nightmare for Homeowners

It Can Be Expensive and Stressful When a Furnace Breaks Down or Malfunctions

A furnace and/or combination heating and cooling unit can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare when breakdowns occur.  The health of all residents is jeopardized, as a home without heat in frigid weather, or one without cooling, in hot weather, can have health ramifications if not attended to quickly and efficiently.  Especially in the colder months, and with elder citizens, a cold home can lead to serious health problems. Hypothermia sets in rather quickly and can lead to strokes and heart attacks.  In the warmer weather, heat stroke, again in a more elderly homeowner, can strike without warning.  The company, Heating and Cooling, of Toronto, can address both types of malfunctions.  Although many furnaces do heat the water, water heaters are also used by many outside the functions of a furnace.  In case of a furnace malfunction, at least then the water temperature is still regulated.

Furnaces and heating and cooling system problems should be addressed quickly.  

Many times, there are signs that show of an impending malfunction that homeowners, dreading yet another bill, do ignore.  Ignoring the signs of malfunction generally leads to a total breakdown of a unit and ends up costing even more.  Rising costs to heat a home, any unusual noises, a home staying cold even with the temperature turned up, and any rust spots on any part of a furnace are all warning signs that the unit needs to be assessed and perhaps repaired.  It is also recommended that all heating and cooling units as well as furnaces be cleaned yearly, and all filters changed for maximum performance.  Companies such as Heating and Cooling of Toronto, offer maintenance plans also and can spot minor problems before they become larger problems, saving both time, headache, dangerous conditions, and of course, money. 

There are literally dozens of types of furnaces and heating and cooling systems. 

Installation services, heating and cooling units, furnaces, and water heaters plus AC units alone need technicians familiar with all problems and styles of units.  Any simple “handyman” might be a bit cheaper but without the qualifications, certifications, and experience it is a gamble to hire someone who does not have the skill to really ensure quality repair, service, and installation.  There are simply too many types of malfunctions and too many types of units for any handyman to address properly.  There are also safety issues especially with poor installation of units. 

Malfunctions can easily lead to fires and other safety issues.

Improper electrical set ups, improper or NO filtration system, and haphazard piecemeal repair and installation can lead to explosions, fires and/or Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Carbon Monoxide poisoning is deadly as this gas has no smell and others simply die from the fumes while sleeping.  All in all, because of all the different types of furnaces, heating and cooling systems, and even air conditioning units, safety comes first, and to ensure safety a great repair and maintenance firm such as Heating and Cooling Company of Toronto should always be consulted.  Safety and affordable pricing can be obtained as customers can rent or buy any unit.

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Heating and Cooling Company of Toronto has been serving the GTA for many years with certified repair, installation, maintenance, and inspection of all types of furnaces, heating and cooling units, hot water heaters, and AC units.  They are a part of the Service Pro Group, offer 24/7 emergency service, have an email and phone as well as a chat line to speak with someone immediately.   Dozens of types of services exist and are listed on their website and the site offers advice on proper maintenance.  If cost is an issue, there is an option to rent or buy and a “book an appointment” calendar exists on the website.

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