Renewal Shows the Possibility of a Better World Post-Covid

Your unexpected role in saving the planet begins with this book! A practical guide of 30 habits that can help shape your future and the world around you.

London – 23rd June, 2020 – Sandeep Nath presents an alternative to the seeming self-destruction of humans on planet earth. Written through the lens of a charismatic teacher, Guru Pranachandra, “Renewal: Your Unexpected Role In Saving The Planet” offers a simple solution to the downward spiral we find ourselves in. Written to serve as a practical guide for everyone’s day-to-day ‘karma,’ Renewal is set in the lives of a modern-day family and designed for the forward-thinking futurist.

Sandeep Nath shares why he decided to launch the book now, ahead of schedule:

“CoViD has been a wakeup call. A call that we will soon dismiss unless we cement the lifestyle changes into our routines before this is over. Before there actually is an orchestrated technology attack, the possibility of which the Guru has mentioned in the teaching of the book. CoViD was akin to a dress rehearsal for all the players to know how prepared they are.

For these reasons, I have chosen to put this book into your hands now… urgently… without running it past a traditional publishing house.”

As of 2020, Renewal is critical, because it is our laxity that has led to the current state of rising personal illness, mindless lifestyles, social degeneration, environmental degradation, and overall moral decay. There has been no better time for the world to hit the ‘reset’ button and begin its path to Renewalism, through 30 practical habits focused on helping readers to: Renew ourselves at a body-mind-spirit level, Renew our society and our environment and finally Renew the systems we operate with.

Sandeep Nath, an IIT-IIM alumnus, is an International Speaker and Coach on Transforming Consciousness using one’s Inner Power, conducting live workshops across 4 continents.

In spite of more than two decades of directing and setting up successful ventures in the corporate world, Sandeep felt an increasing sense of hollowness and lack of existential clarity among people in general. Extensive studies under oriental masters of lineages from India, Tibet, China, and Japan connected him with the energies of higher consciousness and purpose. And sharing these with the world at large became the aim of this book.

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