Specialist Speech Clinic is Changing Lives with Evidence Based Courses

From children to business bosses, from those with autism to immigrants who want support with their accent, and from stroke patients to those who have suffered traumatic brain injury, accent reduction and speech therapy is more than a cosmetic luxury.

Accent reduction and speech therapy is an important treatment for those who want help to be understood, to be confident carrying out simple day to day activities like going to the  shops, to get or retain a job, to communicate with friends, family and work colleagues, or even to have the confidence to go on dates.

Speech, communication and language experts at Therapy Spot in Toronto work with hundreds of people who need support treating their speech – whether it is accent reduction, stuttering, apraxia or a phonological disorder to name a few areas they work in.

The company uses research evidence to build is treatment plans and courses. The accent reduction course is based upon data and findings from studies from business environments, psychology and speech therapy.

A spokesperson from the Therapy Spot said accent reduction was a popular service, but it was far from a cosmetic nice to have for many of her clients.

The Therapy Spot team of speech therapists and speech language pathologists helped clients to project their voices, change the speed in which they speak, improve the clarity of their voices and teach them how to maintain good eye contact.

She said: “We see people with lots of different reasons for needing accent reduction. Last week we were working with a Chinese lady who had an amazing CV. She was getting interviews really easily, but she could tell the interviewers were concerned about her pronunciation and accent. The ongoing rejection started to impact on her confidence, so she reached out to us.

“We try to concentrate on our clients speaking more confidently than the accent itself and it amazing how it falls into place for them.

“The difference with this lady in just a few sessions has been phenomenal. It has allowed her to build some confidence back up and she is less conscious now about how she sounds. She can go into an interview and show potential employers what she can really do, without the judging her on her accent.”

The clinic works with a whole range of patients with many different needs, including support with stutters, Dysarthria, concussion recovery, stroke therapy, autism and voice conditions.

About Therapy Spot

The Therapy Spot in downtown Toronto has more than 20 years of experience of providing evidence-based treatment for children and adults with cognitive, communication and learning difficulty. The team there has a wide range of expertise in all aspects of speech therapy.

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