Dr. Deal explains about efforts behind creating new trending surgical procedure safer

In the past few years, the best cosmetic procedures have efficiently scaled up their standards in the working operations and showcased a significant growth in the overall industry. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS); breast augmentation procedures have got a huge response and rise by 4.1%, tummy tuck by 27.8%, liposuction by 58%, and lastly eyelid surgery by 33.5%. The primary effort to believe positivity towards having surgery for long-term aesthetic results has been reflected as a successful thought in the people. Thus, the surgery procedure witnessed tremendous growth and is expected to remain constant over the years. 

If we dig out the stats of past years, in 2017 Americans have spent over $.6.6 billion on cosmetic surgical procedures. Especially women are showing positive responses in doing cosmetic surgical procedures. It can be a little psychological understanding and self-realization thing in them as body image, social norms, personality traits, self-esteem, and social network brought them to realize the importance of surgical procedure and accept it positively.

Revealing the motivating factors

Recently, the experts in the United Kingdom have come up with over 204 questionnaires to analyze the factors that drive people to undergo cosmetic surgery. Understanding the motivating factors of the industry, the questionnaires asked for explanations regarding life satisfaction, religiosity, self-esteem, self-rated physical attractiveness, media consumption, and attitude toward cosmetic surgery. The researchers are also focusing on understanding exactly what major factors have been influencing a person’s likelihood of opting for cosmetic surgery. 

The analytic result showcases that religious beliefs and low self-esteem were considerably the major predictors of likelihood whereas it includes life satisfaction, religiousness, biological sex, and media consumption. Also, it concludes that the women who have rated their life satisfaction, attractiveness as low, self-esteem, having a few religious beliefs, and high media exposure were mostly to give an attempt in trying cosmetic surgical procedures.

Adding on, as women are more attracted to cosmetic surgery, the mean population is also considering these procedures as an important part to be undertaken. The study by Dr. Deal also highlights the powerful effects of media exposure and religiousness. People who have exposure to the media believe that cosmetic surgery brings more benefits to their career while religious individuals are more likely to perceive cosmetic surgery indirectly with their faiths.  

Dr. Deal’s explanation on new trends of surgical procedure

There is an ongoing migration taking place from invasive to less invasive procedures. The methods used to take precautions such as robotic surgery, minimalistic invasive surgery, telesurgery, and image-guided procedures are focusing to replace traditional surgical procedures. Natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery and single incision laparoscopic surgery techniques are evolving and making laparoscopic procedures advanced and safer. Introducing the newest trends in the surgical procedure can bring potential development to the industry. Now the newly formed procedures are more focused on performing the procedure through technology. The image-guided vascular access technologies can be performed as a newly designed trend. This procedure ensures no harm and less pain to the patients while performing the treatment. Tumor ablation can be diagnosed by imaging-guided radiofrequency ablation, interstitial laser therapy on ultrasonography, and more others.

Dr. Deal talk about the impact on current trends in the future

If the industry becomes advanced and developed, in the coming days very soon patients will be treated in a very minimum pain. Traditional methods of the surgical procedure will be completely faded. Endovascular and Endoscopic procedures will replace certain surgeries and bring advanced procedures to treat the patient at comfort. The requirement for imaging-guided procedure suites, endovascular surgical suites, endoscopic surgical/interventional suites will gain tremendous traction in the field of surgical procedures. These trends may promote the interventional suits or the dispersion or convergence of surgical services in the medical center. Newest medical professions are inevitable as practice and specialty or multidisciplinary techniques will no longer be the need of an hour.  

As there are numerous trends of surgical procedure to come up within the near future, Dr. Deal has cleanly decorated the vision of expected advancements and developments in the surgical procedure. Dr. Deal is a renowned cosmetic surgeon having handsome experience in the field. He is currently pushing out his limits in revamping a new era of cosmetic surgery introducing technology and intelligence to it.

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