New Zealand EZZ invents the world’s first meal replacement milk tea

Can I lose weight with milk tea? Yes, you heard it right. A few days ago, the reporter learned from the New Zealand Gene Research Center that the New Zealand gene technology brand EZZ has launched the world’s first genetic meal replacement milk tea. It is reported that this latest slimming products, which gathers the world’s top genetic technology, is specially developed for “milk tea buff”. They can drink it without worrying about getting fat, and can easily achieve the effect of slimming.

The most worrying thing about drinking milk tea is getting fat. It is calculated that a cup of milk tea generally has about 4-500 calories. If you want to burn these calories, you need to run for more than an hour. Moreover, milk tea contains extremely high sugar, fat and certain harmful substances. Drinking milk tea for a long time may cause some chronic diseases, such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, cardiovascular diseases etc.

Recently, the reporter learned that a milk tea known as “can lose weight” quickly became popular in Australia and New Zealand, where exist the world’s most serious obesity problem. This milk tea continues to sells well and has become the most popular slimming star product in local pharmacies and supermarkets. It is reported that this milk tea is the latest generation of gene slimming product developed by New Zealand’s well-known gene technology brand EZZ. It focuses on nutritional meal replacement, reducing fat without reducing health, scientifically controlling calories so as to achieve slimming while drinking.

Dr. Van Bliss Melion, the head of this product’s development, told the reporter: “Based on the industry’s leading genetic technology, EZZ gene meal replacement milk tea can effectively block the decomposition of starch, inhibit the absorption of sugar and calories, and reduce fat synthesis. At the same time, this milk tea’s comprehensive and balanced nutritional composition can not only satisfy the needs of human body, but also improve the basic metabolic rate, so as to ultimately help the human body achieve a scientific slimming effect.

Dr. Van Bliss Melion also said: “The triple prebiotics are also added to the milk tea. The ingredients of the milk tea include resistant dextrin, fructooligosaccharides, active bifidobacteria, and orange fiber, which can effectively clean up intestinal garbage, maintain intestinal vitality, and play a role in expelling oil and decomposing fat.” In the selection of raw materials, this milk tea selects the world’s top food ingredients. The milk source is high-quality milk powder derived from the golden milk source of New Zealand farms, completely free of creamers, trans-fatty acids etc., creating a fragrant and smooth taste. In terms of tea selection, “Dajiling black tea”, one of the three most fragrant black teas in the world, is selected. Dajiling black tea grows in the foothills of Himalayas in northern India. It is also called “champagne” in tea because of its elegant musk wine flavor and exotic flower and fruit fragrance. Combining with each other, this milk tea gives people a wonderful enjoyment of both taste and smell.

The reporter learned that this EZZ slimming milk tea also has a very magical place, that is, it can be turned into a jelly when shaken. According to the introduction of Dr. Van Bliss Melion, just adding New Zealand EZZ gene meal replacement milk tea to warm water and shaking for 20 seconds, you can get a delicious cup of mellow milk tea; Adding it to 60warm water and let it stand for 30 minutes, you can taste a milk tea flavor jelly.

Dr. Van Bliss Melion said: “Jelly-shaped milk tea can create full satiety for the human body. A pack of EZZ gene meal replacement milk tea can resist hunger for 5-6 hours, which is equivalent to a meal, but the calories are only 1/10 of the meal.”

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