How to Recover a Defensive Hand from The Coronavirus Crisis

Behind us are tough weeks of fighting a pandemic, which is a test not only for politicians, health care, or enterprises but also a challenge for the entire marketing industry.

After a time of anxiety, surprise, and sometimes even downtime, the sun comes out and everyone is learning to function in this whole new reality. Digital Marketing Agency near me and PR – and hence their clients – also.


Some brands have responded quickly, there are also those that only now include the subject of coronavirus in their messages, and others ignore this thread at all.

Marketing in the Covid-19 Time

The new year gives new opportunities … fresh trends, further technological solutions, and the expected premieres. However, nobody expected in what times we would find ourselves and how we would be marketing.

It’s not a guess anymore and predicting the future is a fact. The epidemic has caused our entire professional and private lives to go online. Our clients have more time for well-thought-out shopping decisions, making up for overdue entries and books or online courses, which, after all, can be taken without leaving the bed.

It is now that we have the greatest scope to create new marketing solutions. How to develop a company? How can we make our activities bring greater results? How to talk to your clients?

The best industry experts will tell you about the hard and completely new times in which we lived and worked.

We talk about all this with representatives of the 4proMiami from Miami Beach, one of the biggest Digital Marketing Company Miami.

Positioning and Coronavirus – cut or increase the budget?

Positioning is a specific activity on the list above. Who has not positioned himself so far, will not catch up in a week to gain visibility of the site during a pandemic and reach customers?

However, it can ensure that after a pandemic, when many companies will not invest in advertising, closing businesses, build a solid position in their industry.

See how to approach positioning if you belong to a group of companies that want to maintain at least partly the marketing budget.

There are two scenarios to consider:

You have been positioning for years – if you use SEO for a long time, it also means that you have invested a lot in Google website visibility.

Interrupting activities during a pandemic would result in the loss of some of the effects developed, and rebuilding the position – with further costs.

So, if you can keep your budget at least partially, you might want to continue. Positioning is not recommended breaks, and regular optimization is important for the effectiveness of SEO campaigns.

What is worth doing? Analyze the SEO strategy and introduce necessary changes resulting from the impact of a pandemic on your business.

You don’t use positioning – this is a good time to start working, even if your business is based on offline sales.

SEO effects are usually visible after a few or even a dozen or so months, so you will see the effects of the activities carried out today only after some time. Waiting for results can be much shorter than before, thanks to the fact that companies can partially suspend or give up positioning.

With less competition, you have a significant advantage, and thus you use the budget much more efficiently than in times of high competition to the top 10.

Who today decides to wait with the decision on positioning for calmer times, will no longer take this opportunity? It’s like a good promotion for positioning – better results for the same price.

What are the Opportunities for Positioning in this Period?

• better and faster results in a short time

• less competition = more chance to reach the customer

• no competitive action is an opportunity to create an advantage

• lack of care for a presence in the network of many companies is a high probability of acquiring their customers

In both cases, it is the best to hire a professional and trustworthy best SEO Company near me.

Ask for Help Best SEO Company Near Me

The marketing industry, accustomed for years to operating in turbulent surroundings, was not prepared for an outbreak of coronavirus. And although the home office is not the first for us and we have the convenience of remote work, the first two weeks were shocking for everyone. Especially since most of us have encountered the phenomenon of too impulsive customer responses to current events.

In practice, this meant immediately withdrawing from the implementation of planned projects or limiting marketing budgets, e.g. for paid digital campaigns. After the first phase of shock came the stage of rolling up our sleeves and finding ourselves in a new reality.

For most businesses, the coronavirus epidemic is somewhat beneficial because it gives you the opportunity to look at the current actions and fix what has until now been successively postponed to the never-coming “sweat”. It is worth focusing on:

• website optimization

• website updates

• analysis of current activities in social media

• strengthening of content marketing activities

• transferring to the online world most of the business operations – social marketing

It is also a good time to take action in the field of corporate social responsibility says brand manager from SEO Company Miami – 4proMiami.

How to Manage Your Marketing Budget During the Covid-19?

Today, we already know that all forms of outdoor advertising and company promotion through events and trade fair presence are a bad investment because of coronavirus. If it’s still possible, it’s worth shifting this budget to online activities.

If we have a budget, even smaller than in normal conditions, it is worth considering activities that firstly contribute to customer acquisition, and secondly retain brand position and relations with the target group.

Results in digital areas to consider when employing an Online Marketing Agency near me:

• Website Positioning

• Social Media

• Google Ads

• Email Marketing

• ePR

Apart from ePR, all of the above activities are a nod to sales – reaching customers with valuable content, but also services and products. An investment in internet marketing in this form is a must-have especially for online businesses and online stores.

Many companies have intensified online sales campaigns to catch up on stores and showrooms. In contrast, companies in the same industry that decide to make sharp cuts for promotion automatically lose says Brand Manager 4proMiami – PPC Agency Miami.

How to Deal with Online Marketing

I see something good about the fact that suddenly we had to shift a decidedly larger part of our online activities because such activities allow us to measure efficiency effectively – says General Manage 4proMiami – Social Marketing Agency Miami.

We don’t have to act blindly – we should make the best use of available analytical tools and measure the effects of our activities on an ongoing basis, and then optimize them in such a way that we can achieve our marketing goals as soon as possible and at the lowest possible cost.

By this I mean that in the current situation analyst is even more important than usual – at a time when we often have budgets cut, we need to be sure that every zloty we spend brings the right results.

In order not to make any mistakes, it’s best to hire the best Online Marketing Company Miami.

Why Marketing and Advertising are Important for the Whole Economy?

They are a kind of oil for the economy. Without advertising, it’s difficult to build brand awareness or market presence. On the one hand, companies are cutting marketing expenses in a crisis, but on the other hand, there are many examples of companies that have emerged stronger thanks to advertising from the crisis. This is largely due to solid advertising campaigns or a more intelligent approach to spending money.

The Right Approach Consists of Three Parts

• optimization of advertising budgets in the right channels of the right

• balance between brand awareness building activities and a pure sales function

• product portfolio management

The best solution for companies that want to continue to be on top or those who see opportunities in the Covid-19 era is employing a Digital Marketing Agency near me.

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