Spanglish Artist, General Tapia Is Making His Mark In The Music Industry With A Unique Blend of Rap, Hip Hop & Latin Fusion

The rap and hip hop genre has always been an area of interest for music lovers across the world. However, there is no denying the fact that, with artists popping up from every nook and corner of the world, this genre has become somewhat crowded. It is in fact difficult to find artists who actually deliver quality hip hop & rap music. Having said that, General Tapia is changing that trend by introducing a fresh vibe to rap & hip hop music.

About General Tapia

General Tapia is a Spanglish music artist, producer, and songwriter. He was born to a Puerto Rican mother and Dominican father and was brought up in The Bronx,, New York. As a result, he has always had a cultural diversity in his personality that eventually reflects in his music. 

Growing up, Tapia looked up to a lot of Latin singers as well as legendary rappers like Eminem, Biggie, Tupac and Jay Z. Hence, right from his childhood, he had developed a taste for fusion music, which he eventually instilled in his own creations. Today, his music is a blend of hip hop, rap, and Latin styles. It appeals to music lovers across the world, especially because of a blended outcome of language and style. Apart from this interesting fusion, Tapia also has incredible vocal skills, backed by strong self-written lyrics, which his audiences seamlessly relate to. 

General Tapia – Growing Popularity

Tapia’s popularity in the music industry has grown prominently over the years. Apart from appealing to rap and hip hop lovers, his unique style of fusion music is attracting enthusiasts towards this genre. To put it simply, Tapia has brought in a fresh vibe to the concept of traditional hip hop, and it is definitely gaining him a lot of eyeballs. 

A few of his prominent releases are – 95, In These Streets, Tu Mi Tienes Loco, Trap Bow, Sexy Movimiento, Que Lo Que Tu Dice, etc. 

‘I take my musical inspiration from daily experiences and try to blend those in a unique manner, that appeals to people of all tastes. If you look at all my songs, they have an underlying foundation of love, success, lifestyle, and happy moments. That is the kind of vibe I want to emanate through my music. I want my fans to feel alive and happy while they listen to my music.’ – General Tapia

Summing Up

General Tapia has brought about a new trend in the world of rap and hip hop. Firstly his unique style of blending various languages and styles is appealing. More importantly, his songs send across a unifying vibe, which is in fact the core of the music. 

Being an independent artist, Tapia is determined to reach as many people as possible, and create a positive impact on them. However, he is also open to collaborating with other artists or partnering with a label to scale his presence in the music industry.

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