Any Type of Appliance Breakdown Can Become a Major Source of Stress Unless Repaired Quickly

Having Appliances Repaired Quickly is Important to Homeowners in and Around Ottawa.

All homeowners know one thing.  They all depend upon their appliances!  From simple microwaves to dishwashers, and especially refrigerators and stoves, appliances are an integral part of life.  Ottawa Appliance Repair understands this and is well versed in all types of repairs and is a quick and easy solution for the homeowners in and around Ottawa.  Having certified repair technicians who can respond with lightning quick speed to all calls for repair assists most homeowners tremendously.

Appliance replacements are costly in the long run especially if more than one malfunctions.

While major appliances in Canada are of course, the most costly, with good brands of stoves and refrigerators being at the higher end of the scale, having a more minor appliance that breaks down at the same time, adds to the costs also.  It is not uncommon for homeowners when purchasing a home to purchase appliances simultaneously, so it is not a far cry to imagine that a stove, microwave, refrigerator, or dishwasher may malfunction all at the same time.  With the average cost of a stove or refrigerator in Canada being approximately $1000 CAD and upwards, depending upon size and features, a homeowner can find themselves with several malfunctioning appliances simultaneously.  This drives up costs exorbitantly, of course.

It can make much more sense to hire someone to repair an appliance than it can to replace it.  

Ottawa Appliance Repair and other such services such as this are sought after routinely before Canadians decide to run out and purchase new appliances.  Canadians also when purchasing new appliances do seek out certain brands with the most extended warranties, in order to use the appliances as long as possible.  Unfortunately, some warranties are limited, and of course, maintenance of an appliance will make it last longer.  Ottawa Appliance Repair does offer repair on even minor issues and this can extend the life of any appliance and enhance the life of the warranty. Warranties usually come with exclusions and conditions and this can be problematic even when a warranty is still in place.  There are many exclusions and situations where a warranty might not be honoured even when an appliance is almost new. 

Having a certified appliance repair technician on hand to call is always a bonus. 

Especially when a refrigerator or stove breaks down, a repair technician will be needed as quickly as possible, as food spoils quickly in a refrigerator that is malfunctioning.  The average time of spoilage in a malfunctioning refrigerator is twelve hours.  It is also expensive and inconvenient when not being able to cook, and dishwashers and microwaves are also depended upon by homeowners.  Having appliances repaired rapidly gives homeowners peace of mind and eliminates expense, inconvenience and stress.  Having repair services on hand to call is a great idea and saves money and time in the long run, while imparting the peace of mind that homeowners seek. 

About Ottawa Appliance Repair

Ottawa Appliance Repair is family owned and operated now for years.  They service Ottawa and the surrounding areas and territories.  The hours are extensive, from Monday through Saturday, 7 AM to 10 PM, with only Sundays off.  Quotes are free, there is an online form on their website,, a blog for information on appliances, a phone and email.  Dozens of makes and models can be serviced, and there is a list on their site.  Questions are encouraged about the services they offer, and no appliance is too large or too small for their technicians to repair.

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