Health and Safety Considerations for Weddings During a Pandemic

Health and Safety Considerations for Weddings During a Pandemic

More than two million couples tied the knot last year, and the annual numbers have been hovering fairly close to that figure for the last two decades. Reports showed they were set to hold steady for this year as well. Of course, that was before the world came to a screeching halt. Couples aren’t necessarily canceling their wedding plans altogether in the face of the pandemic, but their nuptials are ultimately looking a bit different than they expected.

If you’re among the millions hoping to get married this year, you probably have quite a few questions and concerns. Overall, the main objective is to proceed with your plans while keeping your loved ones safe as they share in your big day. Plenty of options are still available for following through with your wedding as long as you’re willing to make a few adjustments.

City Hall Weddings

Numerous couples get married at their local city halls rather than going all out at a church or elaborate venue. Though they cite quite a few reasons for doing so, cost and stress reduction are traditionally among the most common. Now, avoiding the coronavirus and the adhering to social distancing guidelines top the list as well.

Those who opt for a courthouse wedding can still dress in traditional wedding attire and invite a small group of their closest loved ones to cheer them on. They don’t have to forego Wedding photography, either. Many courthouses and city halls feature beautiful architecture that makes for perfect wedding photo backdrops, and wedding photographers are typically willing to accommodate.

Virtual Nuptials

Another way to protect friends and relatives against the spread of the pandemic is to have a virtual wedding. Spouses-to-be can select a wedding venue, have it decorated as they see fit, and share the event with guests via a live video platform. People have been holding virtual weddings and other celebrations to ensure loved ones abroad were able to share in the festivities since long before the current pandemic shut down so much of the world. This can be as simple or elaborate of an affair as you like. Again, you can have a photographer on-site for professional photos if desired.

In-Person Ceremonies

Conventional weddings aren’t completely off-limits right now. If you want to bring loved ones to a single locale and have your wedding in person per the norm, though, it’s important to put a few protective measures in place. Consider having an outdoor ceremony so everyone has plenty of fresh air to breathe and room to move around. Seat guests or family groups at least six feet apart if possible.

You may want to provide guests pre-plated foods and ready-made beverages instead of having a buffet. If you prefer to offer a buffet, have masked and gloved servers stationed at regular intervals instead of allowing guests to serve themselves. Set up hand sanitizing stations at the guest book and other strategic locations as well.

Capturing Your Special Moments

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