Rapper Thuggizzle releases 25 Of The Biggest Natural Bar Soaps On The Market Currently Pending 5 Guinness World Record Titles

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San Antonio, Texas, USA – Thuggizzle & Thuggizzle Cares Natural Bar Soap is a collection of 21 different soaps with varying scents. All the soaps are hand made and are designed with care to provide its users with a peaceful shower and ever-glowing skin. Thuggizzle Natural Bar Soap is the biggest natural bar soap weighing over 9 ounces! There are over 21 different soaps that Thuggizzle & Thuggizzle Cares Natural Bar Soap Offers. Thuggizzle Natural Bar Soap was recently published in the urban dictionary and is now available for purchase on Amazon Handmade and Amazon Prime and soon to hit stores near you.

If you are a person who does not like to compromise on your skin and personal hygiene, then the Best Natural Bar Soap that will never disappoint you is Thuggizzle Natural Bar Soap. Thuggizzle natural bar soap is made with natural products. Its long list of available types includes African black soap, Honey, Goats Milk, Shea Butter, Hemp, Donkey Milk, Glycerin, and coconut oil. The soaps are scented with essential oils.

The owner of Thuggizzle & Thuggizzle Cares Natural Bar Soaps is an organization that is run by a humble music artist and philanthropist who has a heart for the community and has an inspiring life story that has converted his heart to help and assist kids, families, veterans and the homeless with the necessary necessities they may need. In his words: “As consumers and naturalists, we should stay away from any harsh chemicals and acids that damage the skin and strips the oils. Everyone wants to feel clean and healthy, And Thuggizzle Natural Bar Soap will clean, moisturize, replenish, heal, smooth and reduce blemishes by fighting back bad bacteria with natural remedies.

“Skin Disorders are an issue that more people might face if Thuggizzle Cares does not provide them awareness. The soaps will issue you the long-lasting aroma, soothing, healing natural remedy in many different varieties for all different skin types and choices. People have reported that they are getting over 20 showers from one bar of Thuggizzle & Thuggizzle Cares Natural Bar Soap. Amazon has been a great supporter behind these soaps as they have added them to their inventory at their fulfillment centers. With a heart and concern for people with many different skin colors and types. We understand that everyone comes with their own uniqueness. Thuggizzle natural bar soap will educate the mass on all-natural products that are meant to enlighten the thoughts and attitudes of the people by helping and caring for all different skin types.”

All the soaps offered by Thuggizzle and Thuggizzle Cares Natural Bar Soaps are made with natural ingredients that are designed for specific skin types. For instance, the Shea Butter Soap is one of the highly loved soaps due to its extreme utility. Natural Shea Butter is obtained from the Shea Tree (Vitellaria Paradova) located in Sub-Saharan Africa that contains Vitamins A and E. It is able to correct skin defects by acting as a skin regulator, It can turn immature skin cells into mature cells. Furthermore, it is helpful against skin burns as an anti-inflammatory also known best for reversing natural skin aging, Also found in moisturizing creams and conditioners for Antioxidant properties. Shea Butter may reduce skin scarring, aid in wound healing, treat acne, and acts as a mosquito repellent.

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Similarly, the Donkey Milk Bar is an effective remedy for adults and children with Eczema Neurodermatitis, Psoriasis or Protein allergies. Studies show that Donkey Milk could serve as an alternative to Cow Milk. Donkey Milk is rich in Vitamins E, A, B1, B4, C, D, Retinal, Omega 3 and 6, and contains four times less fat than reduces skin irritations and protects the skin from dangerous bacteria.

Thuggizzle has gone above and beyond to design Thuggizzle Reptizzles Natural Bar Soap that is a must-have soap in all the homes where reptiles are kept as pets. People who have pet bearded dragons and other reptiles are being urged to be aware of the risk of salmonella. Public health experts say that there have been at least four cases of salmonella associated with bearded dragons in Forth Valley in the last eight months. Children are particularly at risk because they like to stroke and handle pet reptiles.

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Thuggizzle Natural Bar Soap is an original that differs from the rest. Unlike your usual bar soap that at the norm can be about 3oz Any Thuggizzle Bar Soap contains a long-lasting 9oz. Triple the number of showers and uses.

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