Solar Panels Livermore CA Firm Offers Industry-Leading 30 Year Warranty

Livermore Solar Experts is the top solar panel firm across the Bay Area. The company will provide an optimized plan for customers to enjoy the benefits of solar panels and reduce or eliminate electricity bills.

Livermore Solar Experts is the Bay Area firm that leads to high quality and dependable solar panels. The company is pleased to provide a free consultation and optimized plan about how the solar panels Livermore CA firm can prepare an individualized strategy that will significantly reduce or eliminate the electrical bill. The company serves both commercial and residential customers. The firm provides a 30-year warranty–one of the industry’s best. The materials which go into the installation are domestically produced. The company offers zero-down financing with no upfront costs.

California’s electricity prices have risen an average of nine percent over the past two decades. In 2019 alone, they raised another two to three percent. During the same 20-year period, average solar panel savings were well over $29k. When these savings are combined with falling prices of the solar panels (70 percent less than in 2010), solar owners are sure to benefit. In addition, the purchase of solar panels can lead to a federal tax credit of 30 percent.

Another benefit of solar panel installation is increased property value. The menu of benefits saves money on the energy bill, increases the property value, provides rebates and tax credits, and reduces CO2 emissions to help fight global warming. Rather than depleting the planet’s finite resources of coal and natural gas, solar energy comes from the sun and is non-polluting. Fossil fuels require larger amounts of water to be used for cooling during heat waves and droughts, while solar panels operate through the worst of these climate conditions.

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Livermore Solar Experts offers trained and knowledgeable consultants and installation teams to create and implement solar equipment for a home or business. As technological advances are implemented in the solar energy field, the environment will benefit from a healthier population and a healthier planet. 

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