Online Tutorial Platform Justlearn Is Helping People Learn Multiple Languages From Native Speakers Across The World

Irrespective of what trade you are involved in, the concept of collaboration has taken over the idea of competition. Moreover, with the rapidly growing trend of globalization, countries all across the world have become more inclusive in terms of embracing foreign nationals into their own system and thriving in an environment that is conducive to collaborative growth.

In that context, the need to be fluent in multiple languages is gaining more relevance – be it for business purposes, career, or education. For example, let us consider a US citizen looking to set up a business in Spain, or an Indian student planning for further education in France. They must know the basics of Spanish and French respectively in order to mingle up with the local culture, communicate effectively, and have a successful stint in those countries. 

Justlearn is helping people across the world to learn various foreign languages and develop the linguistic skill sets required to succeed at the global level. 

About Justlearn

Justlearn is an online tutoring platform that connects people from across the world with teachers skilled in multiple native languages. It is basically a language learning platform that enables individuals to enhance their language skills from the comfort of their own homes. In today’s globalized landscape, knowing foreign languages is one of the most important aspects of success. Justlearn’s integrated language learning platform is providing an opportunity for global citizens to hone their linguistic skills by learning foreign languages like English, German, Spanish, French, Danish, and many more.  

Justlearn is a 12-member team of enthusiastic and skilled professionals. The company was originally founded by Philip Rossen who is currently the CEO of Justlearn. 

How does Justlearn work? 

  • For Students 

After signing up on Justlearn, students can browse tutors (each of them is verified) based on the language can wish to learn. Once they choose their desired tutor, students are then required to book a time slot, through Justlearn’s advanced booking system. This system displays a detailed calendar in regard to the slots available. Based on this, the students can schedule their classes, pay the fee, and start learning on the go. 

The platform’s online learning model is an added benefit for students as they get to connect with tutors from across the world and learn from the comfort of their own homes. Moreover, being a personalized model for one on one learning, all the tutors on the platform teach on the basis of a customized strategy, designed as per the exact needs of a student. 

There are three monthly subscription plans (4,8,16 lessons per month), from which the students can choose as per their discretion.

  • For Tutors

To start teaching on Justlearn, tutors are required to go through a strict verification process, which focuses on their authenticity, understanding of the language, and efficiency in terms of creating high-quality courses. Once verified, they can start teaching on Justlearn. The company also follows a strict regular-check policy, wherein all the tutors are required to consistently follow the platform’s guidelines and maintain consistency in terms of delivering language lessons. 

Summing Up

To sum it up, Justlearn is a great platform for language learning which provides the opportunity for students to learn their desired languages from verified native speakers in a personalized manner, at affordable rates.  At the same time, it is a wonderful passive earning opportunity for people looking to share their knowledge with learning-enthusiasts globally. All in all, Justlearn creates a win-win situation for both students and tutors, while maintaining a great online language-learning environment. 

Justlearn’s unique proposition of online linguistic training has gained traction all over the world. The platform has consistently attracted more than 100,000 monthly visitors to its website. It has also amassed 472 tutors, teaching as many as 75 languages to more than 50,000 students. In fact, Justlearn tutors have delivered more than 1000 lessons in the last one month alone. 

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