Wholesale Reusable Face Masks To US, Europe, Serbia, Denmark, Slovakia, Norway, KSA, Persian, Brazil, Kypros, Iraq, Israel, Liban, Argentina, Palestine, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Uganda

Wholesale Reusable Face Masks To US, Europe, Serbia, Denmark, Slovakia, Norway, KSA, Persian, Brazil, Kypros, Iraq, Israel, Liban, Argentina, Palestine, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Uganda

“With more than 275,000 masks produced every day, Dony can contribute to meeting the needs of people in the country and abroad. Especially good supply for the shortage of international markets.”
Currently, with the serious situation of COVID 19 epidemic developing in the US and European countries, the import demand of these countries is very large. Accordingly, Dony Garment Co., Ltd has recently exported more than 10 million masks to the markets of USA, France, Germany, England, the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Singapore, Japan, etc.

Antibacterial fabric mask:  3 or 5 layers?

With the situation of the COVID 19 epidemic becoming increasingly complicated, whether at the airport, supermarket, or the transport,… we all have to wear a mask to ensure your own safety and of those around you. Besides, with the scarcity of medical masks, the Ministry of Health has recommended the use of good antibacterial cloth masks. On the market, there are many different types of cloth masks, 3-layer types, and 5-layer types.

So how do you choose between a 3-layer and 5-layer mask?

Recently, many shops have sold many different types of masks with many models and colors. In particular, there are many types of masks labeled bactericidal sold for 10,000 VND / unit but on the packaging of unknown origin. Some types only write the words “Antibacterial mask” without knowing where it comes from for 20-30 thousand VND/ unit. So do masks kill bacteria?

Besides, Mr. Hoang – A grocery seller in Ho Chi Minh said: “In the past years, there has never been a time when masks have sold as well as this year. Especially the mask that is wrapped in a plastic bag, with the manufacturer’s name, the ingredient is 100% antibacterial cotton, waterproof fabric,… On the market, there are also many types of 3D antibacterial masks with three layers, with valves breathing or not.”

Workshop for exporting to foreign countries (Photo provided by Dony Mask)

In addition to the design and color, the price of each type is also different. Ms. Nhi shared: “The market has so many masks and I do not know which ones to buy, 3 or 5 classes to be good. But usually, I use a 3-layer type because it also qualifies protection for me already. 5 layers are too thick and I could not breathe.” 

To answer the question of whether to use a 3-layer or 5-layer mask, Dony will rely on the standards of the Ministry of Health to answer questions for readers. 

What is the structure of a standard medical mask? 

Antibacterial gauze masks that must meet the standards under Decision 870 / QD BYT issued in early 2020 must have three layers as follows: 

  •  Outer layer: Waterproof, helps prevent liquids. This will help prevent saliva from being splashed in the face when in contact with other people.

  •  Middle layer: A layer of bacteria, dust, and other microorganisms in the air. 

  •  Inner layer: Must have optimal antibacterial. 

The standard 5-layer mask must also have three standard ones as above, but there are two more layers of chemical and electrostatic filters. Without these two layers, it doesn’t affect the use of masks. With only three standard layers, the mask can prevent dust, saliva, and prevent bacteria from optimal to 99.99% of its use.

Regarding this issue, Mr. Pham Quang Anh – Director of Dony Garment Co., Ltd. shared: “Antimicrobial masks have many types, but to meet the standards of the Ministry of Health imported into the US market, Dony is a Vietnamese brand that has done that. And only in Vietnam, Dony can do this. Dony cloth masks fully meet the ability to prevent saliva, dust filter, antibacterial to 99.99%. Besides, all products with packaging also use E.O sterilized gas. Ensure health for users.”

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Dony’s antibacterial respirators set the Ministry of Health’s safety and bactericidal standards

Dony is also a pioneer in providing antibacterial gauze masks for doctors to combat COVID 19 in Vietnam. Exporting more than 10 million antibacterial masks to the Middle East, the US, and European countries.

Besides, doctors recommend users to choose antibacterial cloth masks that meet the 3-layer standard. Consumers should learn the types of masks of clear origin that meet the standards of the Ministry of Health, should not rely on 3 or 5 layers to buy.

You can view Dony antibacterial mask information at video:

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/qfFJ_7igaRE

And recently, Dony was allowed to donate 100,000 masks of antibacterial cloth, against drops, with a total value of more than 10.5 billion VND to support the American people against the epidemic in the event “Vietnamese enterprises donate more than one million items to the US medical”.

The alignment of the packaging to the quality of Dony antibacterial gauze masks must be carefully cared for and controlled. Meet CE and FDA standards, allowing the export of masks to the US and European countries.

Thus, for this issue, customers should recognize and select masks with clear origins, especially paying attention to the antibacterial and salivary resistance of the mask. Do not rely on the standard of 3 or 5 classes to choose because this is very dangerous, you may choose a 5-layer mask but do not meet the standards set by the Ministry of Health.

We are committed to delivering the best cloth masks of high quality for you! If you are interested in our masks, do not hesitate to contact us!

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So far, Dony has exported tens of millions of Dony Mask anti-drop cloth antibacterial masks to South Africa, China, African, Los Angeles, USA, Australia, California, Canada, UK, Dubai, Europe, Kenya, Ireland, New York, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Yemen, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Kazakhstan, Greece, Czech Republic, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary, Belarus, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Denmark, Slovakia, Norway, KSA, Persian, Brazil, Kypros, Iraq, Israel, Liban, Argentina, Palestine, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Uzbekistan, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Mexico, India, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Panama, Bolivia, Armenia, Austria, etc.


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