Gabi Odebode, Announces Recipe Book “Afromeals In 30 Minutes” And Other Items In her Online Store

Readers have access to 30 delicious African food recipes that is easy to cook. The book is suitable for beginners and professional cooks, with easy to follow instructions. They can also buy all sorts of seasoning

Africa has some of the most delicious and nutritious meals anywhere in the world. However, it can be challenging to find recipes and how to prepare these meals. 

Afromeals is changing all of that. The company run by the energetic and friendly Gabi Odebode announces the recipe book “Afromeals in 30 Minutes“. The book contains 30 recipes for preparing African meals in minutes. 

Gabi desires to help introduce African meals to Americans and other peoples across the world. Afromeals in 30 Minutes will be useful for home cooking, chefs, and preparing meals for special occasions. 

The store also has other items for sale, including the seasoning for jollof rice, puff-puff mix, chin-chin, jerk seasoning, etc. Customers can add any products on the store to cart, and it will be delivered to their doorstep.  

To purchase the book or buy other items, please visit here

Africa has one of the most diverse collections of quality and delicious meals anywhere in the world. The continent is also blessed with varieties of foods, plants, seeds, and food ingredients, hard to find in other places. Gabi knows this, which is the main inspiration behind writing this book. It offers Africans across the globe and other people to explore Africa and experience her through their taste buds. 

Afromeals in 30 Minutes has quality content. The instruction is easy to follow, with clear visuals and a plain writing style that everyone can understand. It offers readers the opportunity to learn new cooking recipes and skills and improve on their current capability. It is a perfect cookbook for everyone, no matter their level of cooking experience.

To make cooking more relaxed and fun, the Afromeals online store also offers a collection of high-quality seasoning for making signature African meals. For example, customers can buy the Afromeals Fried Rice Seasoning. It comes in a 3 OZ bottle, has no MSG or salt, and contains ingredients like curry powder, marjoram, thyme, basil, rosemary, oregano, and garlic powder. Other seasonings available for sale include berbere, fish rub, poultry and meat rub, chocolate flavor puff-puff mix, etc. 

Gabi Odebode was born and raised in Ghana. The humble African American retail businesswoman, writer, and foodpreneur, now resides in Ohio, USA. As a writer, she has published several kids and recipe books available on Amazon. Her creative genius has led her to create amazing ideas. 

Gabi is the creator of the first of its kind merge in the food space between African food and foods from other countries and blending them. She desires to introduce more of Africa’s positive aspects, especially the cuisine. Africa is a beautiful please with so many undiscovered greatness and innovation, and Gabi is prepared to let the world know through her passion for food and cooking. 

For more information, please visit her website.  You can also view her content on Instagram

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