Communications Strategist and Media Diplomat, Dr. Vassilia Orfanou, Author’s book, “The Media’s Early Warning Effect in the Timelier Deployment of Peacekeeping Operations”

Communications Strategist and Media Diplomat, Dr. Vassilia Orfanou, Author’s book, "The Media’s Early Warning Effect in the Timelier Deployment of Peacekeeping Operations"

“The book is available through Morebooks and Abebooks.”
Presents the media’s effect in covering the early warning signs of a humanitarian crisis, leading to the timelier authorization to deploy a peacekeeping operation. The main hypothesis is that since mass media can transmit information, produce publicly constituted surveillance processes, and influence public opinion, they can also support early warning signs of crises to de-escalate them.

Belgium, EU – 29 June, 2020 – Greek-American, Dr. Vassilia Orfanou, author’s book, “The Media’s Early Warning Effect in the Timelier Deployment of Peacekeeping Operations” brings along a wealth of experience and expertise, having worked on high-level communication and content roles in cooperation with the European Commission, European Parliament, and the European Investment Bank, alongside various companies internationally.

Despite her extensive traveling and challenging missions, to say the least, she admits, “After so many years on the field, my expectations were rather high. I was under the impression that the more you make, the more you give, with social impact innovation being first in the agenda. Instead, I have come to understand that business models, operations, strategies seriously an ethical backbone, with social impact, community building innovation being seriously curtailed on ingenuity, generosity, and true merit.”

“As a communicator,” she continues, my interest is to represent a company that brings in social impact and justice to the World at large. Offering a product or service does not simply cut it. Being powerful means bringing a difference to vulnerable communities. During the confinement period, we have witnessed several big companies, SMEs, and startups raising the bar, but others really failing their employees after many years of work, dedication, commitment, and loyalty. Observing up close the mediocrity associated with employee culture, people’s engagement, productivity, recruitment, and the overall social corporate responsibility structures, has been quite disheartening to say the least.”

She explains that what you do is what you eventually become. There is always a trade-off against your values, ethical backbone, the way you were nurtured, level of awareness, and overall experiences that have turned you to the person you are today. This in mind, it is important to consciously consider the higher purpose that we are supposed to serve, and how we will go about it in life.

We cannot simply turn a blind eye to many of the most serious issues that the World is facing pre- and post-COVID. This is why she recently launched an open call for proposals inviting writers, journalists, editors, students, and any professional wishing to send in their opinions, thoughts and articles on how COVID has practically affected them in their employment, family, day-day life.

Her initiative is to prove that the role of media and the press at large – at least from her perspective – can bring in significant pressure to support earlier warning, timelier decisions, and help to prevent serious injustices, disasters, and deaths of massive scale.

Her first call for proposals and her latest book “The Media’s Early Warning Effect in the Timelier Deployment of Peacekeeping Operations” seems to be just the start in that direction.  She smiles for a moment and then quotes Tony Robbins, “It’s not enough to know a principle. You have to practice it. Execution is everything, Unshakeable.”

Then goes ahead to explain that will aim to do exactly that. No time to prove who is good or bad. She feels strongly about bringing creating the change she was to see in the World. Her next venture is not simple, either.

Launching her own Diplomatic and Communications Institute, she is currently building a fascinating media intensive services enhanced with IoT and A.I. to bring awareness, enhance publicity efforts and drive media diplomacy, working side by side with IGOs, NGOs, law enforcement agencies, research institutions, startups, SMEs to fight against child-trafficking.

The real monster under the bed that keeps the World’s most vulnerable children awake at nights is a dark underground activity that is difficult to address. It is ‘a weed that grows on every soil’, Edmund Burke. She pauses for a moment – then continues, “No matter the efforts, child-trafficking remains undetected, unregulated, uncontrolled. And the question remains: Which media is covering it? How are they really framing it? Where are the actual TV segments dedicated to it? Where are the articles? Where is the publicity to extinguish it from ever existing? Now is time to act. No-one can fight this alone. No country can do this alone. No organization can possibly master everything alone. But we can do this together”.

A multi-million-dollar industry, human trafficking is the third most profitable enterprise for transnational organised criminal groups, after drugs and arms trafficking. Nelson Mandela, South African human rights activist highlighted “child-trafficking is not only a heinous crime but one that expressly violates the human rights of all victims. Traffickers turn children into property; selling them for ‘profits,’ restricting movement, denying basic necessities, and “challenging their very humanity.”

True leaders would need to take the World in their shoulders. “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” Mahatma Gandhi said. Mother Teresa opened her arms wide-open. She highlighted, “Never travel faster than your guardian angel can fly. Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. If you are humble nothing will touch you, neither praise nor disgrace, because you know what you are. Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.”

Hence, “If I aspire to such leaders, including true leadership in my own home, how I could possibly turn a blind eye to a pandemic taking the lives of innocent children, hitting much higher numbers than any viruses combined, practically taking away the purity, freedom and living breath of the most vulnerable children on earth? What can I possibly do to crystalise the need to act today, so as to shield each and every child from the World’s biggest disorder of all?” Dr. Orfanou outcries.

Her book and various initiatives seem to be just a small glance into the future. Her venture brings along a Warrior’s perspective combining a sharp tongue, raw wisdom, and blunt sincerity crashing you to the core. Looking to purchase it, a reader could see the World through her eyes – “a true barometer for environmental, political, humanitarian, and other issues. Media’s early warning effect translates to power, duty, and responsibility to create broadcasts, articles, online information about conflicts and crises before they exacerbate. It is a call to action, aiming to inform, engage, but most of all – concretely support and pressure for early warning processes to de-escalate a series of disasters and save lives!”

The book is available through Morebooks and Abebooks.


Founder/CEO of Luxembourg’s Diplomatic & Communications Institute (, media diplomatic service raising awareness to fight child-trafficking. Content and Communications Strategist, having served the financial, technology, and hospitality disciplines for the public and private sectors. Ph.D. and Post-Doc holder in International Relations and Media Diplomacy.


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