Embracing the New Norm, New York Summer Fashion Explosion (NYSFE) Hosts Its First Virtual Show

New York Summer Fashion Explosion hosts its first virtual fashion show on June 20, 2020 via livestream on YouTube. Part of the proceeds from the show will go towards student designers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Atlanta, GA, USA – June 29, 2020 – Pink Maison luxury designer showroom and NYSFE Studio debut in Atlanta, GA. The New York brand has spread its wings into the luxury market, home of notary brands such CNN and Mercedes Benz.

The building itself was designed by the firm of Morgan & Dillon, with assistance from Walter T. Downing, in the Gothic Revival style, the 16-story structure was built between 1913-1914. Legendary Restaurants such as Big Dave’s Cheesesteak and many more restaurants are located in and throughout the building itself. Pink Maison is nestled between the inner-city life of college and cooperate, from Georgia State University to the CNN Center. From the entrance of the building, you are greeted with a grand atrium, accenting the gothic structure of the building itself.

With care and expertise, Pink Maison’s space is designed with style from the start and exudes custom-made decorations in ever facet of the space. Their ceiling piece is a one of a kind and will only be seen inside this exclusive venue, which demands attention from the moment you enter.

Stand connected by entrance but divided by a partial exposed brick wall, the space is a 3300 sq/ft open creative showroom and photo/video studio. Upon entry you are immediately greeted to Pink Maison’s showroom showcasing the latest designer selection within the fashion world. Standing in the foreground stands a 15ft window overlooking Broadstreet below. An embossing television and NYSFE Magazine Cover stars embezzling the wall of the showroom.

The virtual show was held inside Pink Maison Showroom, featuring six local and international designers. One of their designer’s from SCAD School of Design, presented her first runway collection inspired by the Black Lives Matter social movement.

The show provided an opportunity to deflect from current events and briefly evoke the audience that fashion is here no matter the circumstance.

COVID-19 has brought the fashion industry to it knees and NYSFE event organizers have opted to continue its support for creatives through proactive virtual shows. The NYSFE annual June event usually held in Manhattan, was postponed until 2021. Fashion fans are able to relive the glitz, glamour, and excitement via YouTube @Pink Maison TV.

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