Australia’s Smart EV Charging System the EO Genius, has just been made even smarter with API updates

Australia’s Smart EV Charging System the EO Genius, has just been made even smarter with API updates

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The EO Genius Smart EV Charging system has just been made even smarter, with the additional of several new features which allows for more advanced functionality for fleet and charge point operators increase the ability to integrate across various technologies as part of EVSE IOT strategy.

Sydney, New South Wales – June 30, 2020 – API the EO Genius is able to integrate via an open source into various other software platforms such as Building Management Systems (BMS), fleet telematics providers – such as FleetCarma and Geotab, as well as with other existing software dashboards. What this means for the end user is that all of the important electric car charging station information can be pushed through the API and displayed on a single screen for a more streamlined user experience.

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In addition, the EO Charging team have developed a Demand Side Response (DSR) protocol, which will allow Energy Companies and Utilities the ability to throttle up and down electric car charging at home in response to grid events.

“For example, during hot summer days an energy utility may choose to incentivise its customers with an EO Charger to shift their charging either to off peak times, or on days where demand is not as large. These are important smart charging features to ensure that the uptake of electric vehicles doesn’t overwhelm the capacity of the existing power grid,” said the spokesperson.

Further developments with the EO Genius System are also being made with Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology, which would allow the ability for bi-directional charging.

The spokesperson also continued, “V2G technology is an exciting development which would open up the ability of Electric Vehicle drivers to export the electricity from the vehicles battery back into the grid or to power a house or office. This gives EV drivers the ability to charge during off peak or low rate periods, and sell this electricity back at times when demand is at its highest.”

V2G technology appears to make most sense in fleet and depot based charging situations, where delivery vehicles have a specifically defined dwell time, which allows for a further incentive to transition to an electric fleet.

About EVSE Australia:

EVSE Australia is a leader in the design, supply and installation of Smart EV Charging Solutions across residential, fleet, commercial and destinations. Founded in 2015, EVSE Australia has rapidly grown to become a leading authority around AC and DC Charger infrastructure.

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