SB Aesthetics Ranks Among the Top Medical Spas in Santa Barbara Due to Their Effective Treatments

SB Aesthetics is a name that many citizens of Santa Barbara are likely familiar with. The medical spa is a renowned option that has developed a strong reputation in the area over the years. This is largely due to their effective service and the experience brought to the table by Dr. Sheffield, who leads the medical spa. In addition to this, Dr. Sheffield is among the only doctors in the area who is able to perform procedures using tumescent anesthesia.

In recent times, the medical spa has become one of the most prominent providers of minimally invasive techniques and treatments. With a stronger focus on providing non-surgical procedures, they have become a premier choice for many who wish to diverge from traditional treatments. The spa is renowned for offering surgeries that utilize tumescent anesthesia. This type of anesthesia results in reduced pain, bruising and swelling after surgery. It also decreases blood loss during surgery, as well nausea after the procedure.

Tumescent anesthesia has a quicker recovery time, and enables users to avoid the side effects and risks involved in general anesthesia. Dr. Sheffield’s experience in the field allows him to utilize tumescent anesthesia with ease.

Among their services that uses tumescent anesthesia is their short scar facelift in Santa Barbara. This is designed around using small incisions which can easily be concealed. In addition to this, many consider them to be the ideal provider of neck lift in Santa Barbara.

Many consider their services when in need of rhinoplasty in Santa Barbara too. They are able to fix crooked and asymmetrical nose shapes to curb breathing problems and nasal trauma. Becoming a top choice for plastic surgery in Santa Barbara, SB Aesthetics is pleased to offer their patients with state-of-the-art technology and techniques. Their goal is and always has been to provide a service that matches the needs and requirements of their clients. It is for this reason that they have switched over to the use of minimally invasive techniques in recent years. Being one of the only medical spas to offer the use of tumescent anesthesia, they are growing in popularity and ranking highly for many people.

About SB Aesthetics:

SB Aesthetics is a medical spa that is led by Dr. Sheffield. He is a practitioner in this field who has over thirty years of experience. While he is exceptional at traditional cosmetic procedures, he has lately transitioned towards minimally invasive and non-surgical procedures. These are overall much more preferred nowadays compared to traditional treatments.

SB Aesthetics performs these procedures under topical or local anesthesia. Patients are informed of all the involved aspects of the procedures prior. A recommendation is given based on their specific case and requirements. The spa thus aids clients in finding the best possible solutions that fit their needs. Their list of provided services includes Botox injection, micro-needling, photo facial treatments, upper eyelid procedures and more.

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