New AI Driven Covid-19 Testing Model Detects Covid-19 Status Instantly by Scanning X-rays, Future Edition Works Offline for Remote Area Use

With the entire world desperate for good news, South African company, Dake MeDedge is pleased to announce a cloud-based AI engine capable of detecting the presence of the Covid-19 virus in the human body using chest X-rays. The device efficiently scans the digital chest X-Rays for any abnormalities and provides feedback in real-time. This is a massive victory for medical testing, which is under heavy stress throughout the world due to lack of testing kits.

The AI engine behind the innovation is an adaptation of the company’s groundbreaking software that detects TB and other abnormalities at better accuracies and faster than radiologists. Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Dake MeDedge team has been working hard behind the scenes to make the best use of its artificial intelligence software.

With the absolute necessity of social distancing, it is even more good news that the application is completely cloud based and is location independent. This will ensure that people looking to get tested will never have to perilously come together. Any individual can upload their anonymized X-ray to the MeDedge AI platform and check their Covid status.

We are happy to introduce our Covid-19 testing model which has shown satisfactory results on our end. Obviously, quality is based on the data we have available, and it is showing very satisfactory results. We are able to differentiate Covid-19 and pneumonia with greater degree,” said Mr Hari Khamandula, Director of Dake Group.

During testing, the AI driven Covid-19 tests reportedly showed a very few false negatives. However, this development has since been ironed out to provide users with even more accurate test results. The company welcomes other teams to try out the Beta version using a cloud-based edition. The experts at Dake MeDedge pointed out that it is a simple 4 steps process that involves anonymizing X-ray identities before uploading and getting test the results.

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In the coming weeks, the MeDedge Covid-19 test will be launched globally to ease the strain on the people, medical facilities and practitioners. For testing purpose, the tool can be validated using X-rays of Covid positive patients and their PCR results, which are the confirmatory tests. These can be compared with the X-ray test results.

For global use, the Covid testing model will work online as a SaaS tool. Later on, It will also be packaged and hosted in miniature computing devices such as Dake’s MeDedge. The tool can thus be made portable and used offline at any location. Thus, it can be used in remote and rural areas too without network connectivity.

Dake Group Limited is the maker of the Edge Computing Device with Artificial Intelligence model. The device scans and analyzes X-rays and detects TB and other lung abnormalities. The device is a breakthrough in TB detection, given that half of TB cases around the world are misdiagnosed. The device is portable, works offline and can handle voluminous amounts of X-rays in quick time.

The new Covid-19 testing model is yet another proof of the company’s commitment and vision to develop and deliver unique health innovations that respond to the specific and tangible needs of vulnerable communities across the globe.

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