Milford Financial Founders Prove Long-Term Planning Key to Financial Success

Unlike some financial advisors who only focus on a client’s present situation, Milford Financial is a wealth management firm that builds comprehensive plans for a lifetime. This long-range, personalized approach helps people increase the chances of achieving their financial goals.

Milford, CT – Amongst today’s many distractions and constant changes, it is a challenge to plan for one day much less a lifetime. To cut through the noise, Milford Financial offers wealth building and preservation strategies that form the bedrock of financial plans designed for every phase of life – all of which can make each day of hard work and dollar saved more meaningful.

Milford Financial founders Brian Bach and Scott Jacob with 34 and 17 years of experience respectively, understand the complexity and time involved in any financial decision, some of which are permanent. That’s why Bach and Jacob guide clients through every option as they relate to each chapter of their financial life: accumulation, distribution, and preservation.

“The financial decisions you make today will impact you 10, 20, 30 years from now,” said Brian. “Our goal is to help clients not only understand where they stand today but also see where they will be in the future.”

For individuals in the accumulation phase, saving in an employer-sponsored plan or IRA, it is best to start at retirement and work backward, Brian and Scott said. They utilize long-term planning projections to show clients exactly how much they need at retirement and then determine how much to save and how to allocate their investments. This goal-oriented approach helps ensure an appropriate investment rate of return is earned to achieve their goals without taking too much risk.

As people approach retirement, or the distribution phase, the financial plan shifts to the need of turning accumulated assets into retirement income while avoiding unnecessary taxes. If left unchecked, taxes will adversely impact your portfolio’s longevity. 

“Most people are unaware of how interconnected their financial assets are and how they affect each other,” Scott said. For example, Scott explained, withdrawals from 401(k)s and IRAs can result in a significant reduction of a person’s Social Security benefit. Milford Financial strikes a balance by implementing retirement income planning and tax-efficiency strategies to achieve a high probability that clients won’t outlive their retirement savings.

Milford Financial’s comprehensive planning services also cover a client’s physical well-being, too. One of the largest expenses in retirement is often healthcare costs, which rise above the rate of inflation. As a health and life insurance provider, Milford Financial guides clients through various options for long-term care planning. Scott, who in addition to being Chartered Financial Consultant is a Certified Long-Term Care Consultant, said the importance of planning for health needs later in life cannot be underestimated. The devastatingly high costs of long-term care can derail retirement if ignored.

Ultimately, Brian and Scott believe financial success to many people means more than just building wealth. It is also about protecting and enriching the lives of your loved ones. Milford Financial provides asset protection and legacy planning services to encourage clients to think beyond retirement as part of their financial plan.

“A comprehensive, long-term plan essentially guarantees all the hard work and sacrifice over a long career doesn’t go to waste,” Scott said.

Throughout, the advisors at Milford Financial place an emphasis on educating clients about the reasons behind their recommendations. “Education is a key part in building trust and helping people stay committed to their goals over many years,” said Bach, a distinguished member of the National Society of Financial Educators.

Milford Financial specializes in helping people near or in retirement make prudent financial decisions that allow them to live the life they have always wanted with peace of mind. As a fiduciary, the firm’s clients can feel confident that their best interests always come first.  

Investment advisory and financial planning services are offered through Alphastar Capital Management LLC, a SEC registered investment adviser. Milford Financial and Alphastar are separate and independent entities.

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