New kiwi-based treatment prevents hair damage caused by hard water

Los Angeles, CA – June 30, 2020 – A hidden culprit may be sabotaging your haircare routine. The United States Geological Survey estimates that approximately 80-90 percent of US cities have hard water, the main component of which is calcium carbonate, also known as chalk. Its ill effects include visible damage to hair and a leftover chalky residue, even after thorough rinsing. Eclat Naturals, a minority-owned, boutique cosmetics company has developed Kiwi Softening Treatment, a gentle and effective solution which restores elasticity and nutrients to the hair.

“It doesn’t matter what you put in your hair unless you first address the issue of hard water residue being left on the hair and scalp,” explains Javon Ford, founder of Eclat Naturals. “Clarifying shampoos, which have something called chelators to remove hard water residue from the scalp, are often sighted as the best remedy, but they strip everything out of the hair, including healthy oils and nutrients. Adding a rinse out conditioner is supposed to add moisture back into the hair, but the rinse-our process only serves to add hard water residue back into the hair.”

“The inspiration for Kiwi Softening Treatment came from Ford’s sister. When she moved to Los Angeles from her hometown in Memphis, her hair became brittle and started breaking after only one month in California. She was concerned about the changes and they weighed heavily on her mood. Ford, who is a cosmetics formulation consultant for small businesses, knew he had the skills to create a product that would repair not only his sister’s hair, but also help the millions of Americas suffering with the same issues caused by hard water.

“Clarifying shampoos have the right idea. Chelators can help to remove the root cause of the damage – the chalky deposits. What I needed to do was to adjust the formula to not be as harsh on the hair and the second-step conditioning processes needed to replenish moisture and nutrients without having to be rinsed out. The chelators I used in the Kiwi Softening Treatment are the ones naturally present in kiwis and limes. Alpha-hydroxy acids, like citric and malic acid, in small doses, can be gentle on the scalp and can help dissolve the chalk in hard water. I also focused on incorporating panthenol which helps bind water to the skin and offers moisture retention. The great thing about the Kiwi extract is that it is working to not only remove the hard water residue, it’s an excellent source of vitamin C and E which are essential for maintaining healthy hair and skin.”

While Kiwi Softening Treatment addresses tangible challenges, such as damaged and broken hair, the product also addresses another important issue. Self care – taking a pause in the day to do something that makes an individual feel and look better can have staggering, positive result. Like yoga, meditation or mindfulness, taking care of oneself shouldn’t be seen as an indulgence, but rather a necessary part of daily life.

Self care is something Ford is keen to encourage. “When a person has healthy, nourished hair, it helps them look and feel good. With all the daily stresses we are encountering in 2020, taking time out for yourself is a positive step that we can all undertake.”

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