Sports Media vs Social Media: How Riley Hillin Sports Media Can Help

If you’re looking for niches that succeed easily on any Social Media platform, Sports has to be on your list. No matter how new the platform or its age group, sports accounts always succeed – at least when managed well.

Brand expert Riley Hillin has certainly found this to be true. Riley has owned and worked with some of the biggest social media accounts in Sports Media, as well as numerous entrepreneurs, to help them grow their Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

Riley owned the accounts @fighting – an incredibly popular MMA profile, and @swish, a basketball account, which collectively accounted for hundreds of thousands of followers. He went on to advertise for some of the largest brands and products in the sports industry, have numerous viral posts and videos, and has since worked with accounts of 100K followers in size to 2 million to help them grow. 

So, why is sports media so successful compared to some other niches? Let’s take a closer look. 

Why Sports Succeed on Social Media 

  1. Everyone Has an Opinion: in sports, everyone is allowed to have an opinion and voice it, especially on brand pages and “fan” accounts. People are free to debate with one another in comment sections and it’s often actively encouraged by the brand or person behind the account. Because sport is inherently an area that is much debated, comments sections and accounts see a lot of engagement.

  2. Followers Tend to Be Life-Long: There are few sports fans who lose interest in their favorite sport or team overtime. Most followers are life-long fans that seek out more information and content about that sport each season. That means that, year after year, the same followers are paying extra attention to social media accounts to hear the latest news and stay up to date on results. Unfollowing an account is rare, because their interest rarely fades, especially for branded accounts.

  3. Most People Now Turn to Social Media for News: 40% of users follow social media to keep their knowledge current, and this goes for sports as well as other areas of news. Generally, news channels and news sites are filled with bad news – after all, fear sells – and so it’s a much more pleasurable and exciting experience to follow social media to get the news that matters and be able to respond to it.

  4. It’s Easy to Follow Events Live: Accessing live event footage isn’t always easy, especially for fans that have to be elsewhere or don’t want to pay for the additional channel/s needed to watch the event on TV. With the likes of Twitter, you can follow an event incredibly closely and hear all the plays and news without ever having to see it.

  5. Young People Give it New Life: You’ll find sports on every social media platform because not only do people follow their favorite sports and teams for life, but they start following avidly at a young age. Most sports fans are introduced to it at a young age, either as a fan or to play the sport, and so they bring it to new platforms like TikTok fast.

  6. Fans are Worldwide: The Dallas Cowboys don’t only have fans in Texas, nor just the US. People who fall in love with a sport are spread across the world, and for many, that means they have to follow social media accounts to get their fix when it’s difficult to watch the games or matches in their country.

  7. Branding is Stronger than Any Other Industry: What other industry comes with it’s own strong branding and merchandise built-in? No other industry can make an account on a major platform and instantaneously have a brand. Everyone interested can look at an account and instantly understand what it offers – and they also are open to ads and sponsored posts because it is an integral part of how sports operate. All sports – professional or otherwise – rely on brand and business sponsorships to fund their events, so fans are already open to seeing it and being advertised to. 

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