Online Discussion to Heal the Heart – Grand Opening of Central China Cardiovascular Congress-C4 2020

On the morning of July 11, the opening ceremony of the  Central China Cardiovascular Congress-C4 2020 with the theme of “innovation & improvement” has been held online.

The conference was jointly sponsored by Fuwai Hospital, CAMS & PUMC, Fuwai Central China Cardiovascular Hospital, Central China Branch Center of National Cardiovascular Disease Center, Heart Center of Henan Provincial People’s Hospital, and Henan Provincial People’s Hospital. During the period, many well-known academicians and medical experts in the cardiovascular field were invited to share the most cutting-edge medical knowledge in the industry and discuss academic topics through 17 online sub-forums.

During this period, and v. were served as the main frontline for online live broadcast and 365 and other platforms also conducted simultaneously live broadcast, interacting on multiple screens. The live broadcast matrix of the whole network successively attracted tens of thousands of accurate audiences such as cardiovascular experts, medical staff and college students around the world to watch and learn online, and talk about the “heart”.

Discussing Online, Gathering of Talents

At present, cardiovascular disease has become a major public health problem worldwide. At present, there are 290 million people suffering from cardiovascular diseases in our country, and cardiovascular deaths account for more than 40% of residents’ deaths from diseases, occupying the first place among various causes of death, and the situation of prevention and treatment is grim.

As a pilot project for the construction of a national-level regional medical center, Fuwai Central China Cardiovascular Hospital, from the beginning of its establishment, has been taking the protection of people’s health and the treatment of the difficult and critical diseases in the cardiovascular field as its responsibility. It combines medical treatment and academic research to create a “Based on Henan, Serving the Central Plains, Radiating Central China, and Being the First-class in China” high-level modern national cardiovascular regional medical center. Accordingly, C4- (Central China Cardiovascular Congress) was also born.

At present, C4 is a high-end academic conference in the cardiovascular disease field, which is the most comprehensive, professional, authoritative and the most extensive in areas. In 2020, C4 gathered experts from all over the world such as Germany, the United States, Beijing, Shanghai, Yunnan, and Shenzhen, etc. to create a super forum for the cardiovascular academic community.

Although it was held online, C4 in 2020 was still shining brightly. The following leaders and experts attended the opening ceremony through different forms. And they were Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Director of the National Cardiovascular Disease Center, President of Fuwai Hospital, CAMS & PUMC, General President of Fuwai Central China Hospital Hu Shengshou, Secretary of the Party Committee of the National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases, Deputy Director, Secretary of the Party Committee of Fuwai Hospital, CAMS & PUMC, Deputy Dean Zheng Zhe, Director of Health Commission of Henan Province Kan Quancheng, Director of Henan Medical Security Bureau Zheng Zijian, Vice President of Zhengzhou University and Dean of Medical College Dong Zigang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Henan Provincial Center for Disease Control Zhou Yong, Director Guo Wanshen, Henan Provincial Department of Science and Technology Deputy inspector Zhang Fang, Deputy inspector Guo Suichen, American Memorial Healthcare System, Professor I-Wen Wang, Professor Yan Qianxin of Jefferson University in America, and Professor Yu Jiangtao of Katholisches Klinikum Koblenz Montabaur Hospital in Germany, etc.

At the same time, many sub-specialty experts in the field of cardiovascular disease were invited to participate in the meeting, to conduct extensive and in-depth exchanges and discussions on the new progress of clinical and basic research, show China’s cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment technology in the cardiovascular field, and gather new achievements in the field of cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment.

Professor Hu Shengshou, Chairman of the Congress, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, President of Fuwai Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and General President of Fuwai Central China Cardiovascular Hospital, delivered a speech online. He said that the construction of a national cardiovascular disease regional medical center aimed to promote the development of cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment in Henan Province. At present, the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Health Commission and other Commissions are accelerating the progress and pushing forward the construction of the National Regional Medical Center. It is a very rare opportunity that Fuwai Central China Cardiovascular Hospital has been successfully ranked as one of the First Top 10 National pilot hospitals.

Academician Hu Shengshou pointed out, “Improving the level of medicine refers to both the improvement of the ability to treat patients and the development of cardiovascular medicine research so as to improve the overall level of medicine. The Central China Cardiovascular Congress provided a high-level and all-round platform for the cardiovascular academic exchange in Henan Province and even the whole Central China. The academic exchange platform will play a significant role in promoting the improvement of the treatment, prevention and research capabilities in cardiovascular disease in Henan Province.”

Kan Quancheng, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of Health Commission of Henan Province also affirmed the C4, especially the innovation of the “online feast”, setting a very good example in the concept of the congress, academic exchanges and interactive forms in cardiovascular medicine research. He pointed out that Henan is a province with a large population, and the prevention and treatment of the cardiovascular diseases is a difficult task. Fuwai Central China Cardiovascular Hospital & Central China Branch of the National Cardiovascular Center is shouldering the task of raising the level of diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in Henan Province and even the Central China. With the acceleration of the construction of the national cardiovascular disease regional medical center, while the national high-quality medical resources will be continuously available in the urban and rural areas, the level of cardiovascular prevention and treatment will have been continuously improving. More and more cardiovascular disease patients have realized the wish that “see the doctor at home, and never worry about the serious illness”. This major people’s livelihood project is showing benefits, benefiting more people in Central Plains.

Zheng Zhe, Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of the National Center for Cardiovascular Disease, and Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy President of Fuwai Hospital, CAMS&PUMC, congratulated the opening of the congress. He said that Fuwai Hospital, CAMS&PUMC and the National Center for Cardiovascular Disease actively promoted the sharing of the country’s high-quality medical and scientific research resources, and also strived to promote the improvement of the overall cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment capacity in Henan. It is a very rare opportunity that Fuwai Central China Cardiovascular Hospital was successfully ranked as one of the First Top 10 National pilot regional medical hospitals. As a pilot output hospital, Fuwai Hospital, CAMS&PUMC will actively play the Pioneering role, highlight the responsibility of the national team, and fully support the construction of the National Regional Medical Center for Cardiovascular Diseases in Henan.

Dong Zigang, Vice President of Zhengzhou University and Dean of the School of Medicine, believes that this conference is accumulating energy for the research of cardiovascular diseases in central China and even the whole country. Fuwai Central China Hospital, as an affiliated hospital of Zhengzhou University and as the main unit of first-class discipline construction, seizes opportunities, seeks breakthroughs, attracts talents and strengthens itself, which has made remarkable achievements in medical technology, medical education and collaboration, scientific research innovation, etc.. He hopes that the experts will use the conference as a link to expand new horizons, enlighten new thinking, and open up new ideas, striving to achieve more fruitful results in discipline construction, talent training, scientific research innovation, social services, etc., which can escort for the life and health of the people of the whole province, and can contribute to the wisdom and strength of our hospital for Healthy China and Healthy Central Plains.

Professor Shao Fengmin, President of Henan Provincial People’s Hospital and Executive Dean of Fuwai Central China Hospital, emphasized the value and significance of the construction of Fuwai Central China Cardiovascular Hospital as a national regional medical center, and gave an in-depth interpretation of C4’s platform mission and academic value. He said that the format of the 2020 conference changed due to the needs of the epidemic prevention and control situation, but what remained unchanged was the concept and mission of the conference. The content of the conference wasn’t reduced because of the epidemic. Although the epidemic situation was not reduced, the exchange of ideas and wisdom would never stop owing to the epidemic situation. An academic “online feast” would be carefully created during the special period. Hopefully, with the help of the platform of this conference, experts and scholars would have extensive and in-depth exchanges, broaden their academic horizons, stimulate innovative ideas, and at the same time strengthen cooperation and friendship, and contribute to the promotion of cardiovascular health in Henan and Central China.

Experts Giving Advice to Impel Technological Innovation

Over the years, C4 is truly the grandest meeting in the field of cardiovascular disease attracting many experts throughout the world. Since 2018, the focus has been increasing year by year, covering the Central Plains to the whole country and even the world. As to the content side, the high-efficiency energy output of the academic value is also maintained. In 2020, C4 also brings together experts from Germany, the United States, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Yunnan and other regions around the world to gather on line and share their expertise and experience in their fields through live broadcasts.

This year’s C4 sharing content covers the most cutting-edge cardiovascular disease treatment programs in the following 17 fields: cardiovascular surgery, standardized thrombolysis, coronary heart disease intervention, blood lipids, anesthesia, cardiovascular care, cardiovascular ultrasound, cardiac rehabilitation, hypertension, pacing electrophysiology, pulmonary vascular disease, heart failure, severe heart disease.  It is a rare learning opportunity for the attending doctors.

Top Academic Platform Escorting Peoples Health

As the top academic exchange platform in the industry, C4 is not only academic exchange, and its greater value lies in protecting the cardiovascular health of the people, building a fair, rigorous and high-end academic platform to achieve breakthroughs and sharing of key topics.

“China Cardiovascular Disease Report 2015” pointed out that cardiovascular disease deaths accounted for the top cause of death among urban and rural residents in our country. In cities, 4 out of every 10 deaths are due to cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease has become a major public health problem, and the number of patients with cardiovascular disease will continue to grow rapidly in the next 10 years.

As the co-sponsor of C4, Fuwai Central China Cardiovascular Hospital has been committed to the promotion of the healthy China strategy since its inception, with the goal of establishing a national regional medical center, which will protect people’s health and treat difficult and critical illnesses with the responsibility of escorting the cardiovascular health of the people.

With the in-depth development of the Healthy China strategy and the spring breeze of the new medical reform, driven by the strong academic atmosphere of C4 and the transformation of academic achievements, a national cardiovascular regional medical center based in Henan, serving Central Plains, and radiating Central China will continue to go forward for the first-class high-level modernized national new regional medical center. It will make new contributions to serve the healthy Central Plains strategy and promote Henan’s economic and social development.

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