Industrial Polymers Makes Industrial Mold Making Easier with Full Line of Product Offerings

Industrial Polymers Makes Industrial Mold Making Easier with Full Line of Product Offerings

“North America’s Specialty Services Experts!”

Houston, TX – Jul 14, 2020 – Industrial Polymers, a Houston based, innovative product corporation is recognized for making industrial mold making and injection molds easier with their full line of product offerings.

“In a world increasingly driven by technology and technological innovation, we are proud to claim leadership within our industry,” said Labita Boddie, Owner. “We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with a full line of product offerings to choose from, making their industrial mold making results perfect.”

Industrial Polymer’s full product offering includes the True Cast series, Insta-Gel series, Uragel series, and Hydrospan.

Industrial Polymer molding products have a wide variety of uses and applications. Mold safety pads for work boats, industrial and off shore oil industry, helicopter landing pads or playgrounds. Mold 3-dimensial objects without losing details or replace metal injections molds with lower coat urethane molds. Whatever your challenge, Industrial Polymers has the molding materials offering resistance to oil and grease, drilling fluids, oil crude products, sea water, impact, the elements and UV degradation.

Hydrospan is a very unique product line, which allows you to expand or shrink your three-dimensional molded product without losing details or quality. Hydrospan is water-activated; your molded product may be expanded to 161% or reduced up to 85%, just by soaking in water. Both products are easy to work with and achieve uniform results when directions are followed. Almost any type of mold is compatible with Hydrospan when properly prepared. This line has been used by architects, artists, prototype makers, or anyone wanting to change the size of their original product, without losing dimensional integrity.

The mission of Industrial Polymers is to commit their resources and expertise in developing and manufacturing the best products for their customers. By providing customers with a full line of product offering for mold making, Industrial Polymers is able to work diligently with customers to solve challenges and empower them to realize new opportunities in global markets.

For more information on Industrial Polymers mold making products or to place an order with these experts, call (800)766-3832.

About Industrial Polymers

Industrial Polymers combines the capabilities of science and technology with a passion for innovating new products. With our onsite polymers’ chemist and experienced technical staff, we have the ability to tap into new markets and opportunities through cooperative product development with our customers including Speedpak. For over 30 years we have practiced the art of invention creating 100’s of products for industrial, commercial, municipal, and military needs.

We formulate and manufacture the most complex polymer compounds in our state of the art 46,000 sq. foot facility serving more than 6,000 customers in 40 countries. Located in Houston, Texas, the nearby Port of Houston provides efficient direct shipping to our customers in Western Europe, the Caribbean, Central and South American or any location international. That is why our customers come back to us time and time again for each new project or need.

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