FGL Productions To Soon Release a Vinyl Re-Edition of The Most Iconic Works of Legendary Pop Singer-Songwriter, Jacqueline Taieb

When it comes to pop music, Jacqueline Taieb is one of the most iconic names. She has been mesmerizing music lovers across the world for more than two decades. Jacqueline is finally back with her upcoming project – a vinyl anthology (Limited re-edition of famous Japanese cult vinyl edition) to be produced by FGL Productions, one of the leading names in the European music industry. 

Jacqueline Taieb is one of the most iconic pop singer-songwriters from France. Her creations are revered all across the world including the far-off Japan, where she is celebrated as “French Mademoiselle”. 

FGL Productions has been around since 1981 and is well-known for re-issuing limited editions of major works from popular artists.  Its upcoming venture of producing a vinyl anthology of Jacqueline Taieb’s work is much anticipated. 

Jacqueline Taieb – Journey 

Taieb arrived in France at the tender age of 8 and spent all her childhood there. She was interested in music from the very beginning but decided to take it up professionally only when she was 20. 

Jacqueline rose to prominence with her debut album, which was awarded the Grand Prix Midem 1967. In fact, one of the titles “7 heure du matin (7 a.m.)” earned massive popularity throughout the music circle. With this, she was well on her way towards becoming a cult. Jacqueline went to release her second album in the same year, which did equally well, followed by several other recordings. 

Amid the growing success as a pop musician, she surprisingly went away from the limelight, writing titles for other artists. Interestingly, she composed ‘Ready To Follow You’ for Dana Dawson, the young singer from New York, who later went on to become an international music sensation. 

The major twist happened when Jacqueline decided to collaborate with a French record company which was planning to venture in to Japan. The company, in partnership with Tatsuji Nagataki, a Japanese writer and poet, released a vinyl of Jacqueline’s famous titles under the name “Lolita Chic”. It became a massive hit all across Japan. Thereafter, Thierry Wolf released “Femmes de Paris”, which included Jacqueline as a major contributor. It was now that her popularity erupted, and she attained a cult status in Japan. Moreover, Jacqueline started being recognized and appreciated globally. 

Staying Relevant

Despite being one of the most popular pop artists throughout the 1960s-2000s, Jacqueline Taieb has managed to stay relevant even today. Not long ago, in 2010, perfume brand Lolita Lempicka used Jacqueline’s song, 7 AM, to promote the perfume ‘So Lolita’. Luxury car brand Bentley used her single “La plus belle chanson” to promote its product line in 2012. Most prominently. Google used her music to promote the iconic ‘Google Home’, which eventually became a standard in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Most recently, FGL Productions, one of the leading music production companies in Europe has announced that it will create a limited edition Japanese cult vinyl anthology comprising of Jacqueline’s most iconic works. 

The fact that her music is still appreciated and brings delight to millions of global music lovers, itself is a testimony to her greatness. The upcoming Vinyl edition by FGL Productions is much anticipated and promises to mesmerize audiences with Jacqueline’s music yet again. 

You can listen to all her creations on Spotify.

Website: https://www.jacquelinetaieb.com/

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