Carbon Fiber Wheelchair Manufacturer; Carbon Fiber, Making it Greener

Carbon Fiber Wheelchair Manufacturer; Carbon Fiber, Making it Greener

“Carbon Fiber Electric Wheelchair”
The design and production of wheelchairs are increasingly pursuing lightweight, multifunctional, intelligent and humanized design.

In order to meet the various needs of people with reduced mobility for daily life and travel, the design and production of wheelchairs are increasingly pursuing lightweight, multifunctional, intelligent and humanized design. But at the same time, the convenience, safety and comfort of wheelchairs must be effectively guaranteed. Generally speaking, light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, and good shock absorption performance are the main considerations when selecting wheelchair materials.

Why is the lighter the wheelchair the better? Because the quality of the wheelchair will affect its resistance to travel, every 30% reduction in the weight of the wheelchair frame will reduce the resistance to travel by about 10%. At present, most of the commercially available wheelchairs are manual wheelchairs, which basically rely on the caregiver or wheelchair user to make them move. The lighter the wheelchair, the smaller the burden on the operator. Especially for wheelchair users, they mainly come from upper limb strength. When manipulating a wheelchair, when the wheelchair is lighter, the burden on the shoulder and wrist of the operator is not so great, which is of great significance to the patient. Even an electric wheelchair has a limited battery capacity. The lighter the wheelchair itself, the longer the battery life.

Why do the body materials of wheelchairs have to be high-strength? As mentioned above, the complexity and flexibility of the wheelchair motion mechanism requires that the material of the wheelchair itself must reach a certain strength. When the strength is guaranteed, the weight of the material can be reduced under the same mechanical performance requirements, thereby achieving the lightweight of the wheelchair.

Why must wheelchair materials have certain corrosion resistance? Patients who use wheelchairs sometimes have to face physiological conditions such as incontinence, and sometimes also face the pollution or erosion of some potions. Most wheelchairs will be used outdoors and will be exposed to ultraviolet rays. Once directly exposed to rain or in high and low temperature environments Used alternately, then materials with poor corrosion resistance are prone to rust and surface oxidation, affecting the stability and aesthetics of the wheelchair frame.

Why should wheelchairs have good shock absorption performance? Wheelchair users may be a variety of patients, such as hemiplegia, amputation, leg fractures, etc., especially patients with leg and foot inconvenience after surgery or other rehabilitation periods, during the use of wheelchairs, the vibration of the injured body should be minimized to avoid Secondary trauma. Therefore, the greater the damping coefficient of the wheelchair material, the better the shock absorption and shock absorption effect. The reduced vibration of the wheelchair frame and large wheel hub can effectively improve the safety and comfort of wheelchair use.

In short, wheelchairs must start with materials to achieve the goals of light weight, convenience, comfort and corrosion resistance. After years of development, the body materials available for wheelchairs have become more and more abundant. From the initial wooden frame to the steel frame, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, carbon fiber, magnesium alloy and other Various materials such as composite materials.

Although the steel is mature in manufacturing technology and low in cost, it cannot meet the high requirements for lightweight. Although the aluminum alloy is relatively light, it still needs to be assembled by welding or riveting, and the design requirements of ultra-light wheelchairs It is as lightweight as possible while maintaining the integrity of the frame structure.

Carbon fiber composite material has low density, high specific strength, good corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance. It can also form a more complex overall structure through integral molding, which is an ideal lightweight material for high-end wheelchairs.

Although the high cost of carbon fiber composite materials restricts its wide application in a larger extent, its light weight, high strength, comfort and other performance advantages can meet the needs of some high-end users. According to the statistics of JBH Medical, electric carbon fiber wheelchairs and manual carbon fiber wheelchairs are loved by consumers, and their application value is gradually recognized by the industry.

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