Wheatley Swing Check Valves Available At Energy Products Company In Different Sizes And ASME Specifications For Precise Flow Control

Wheatley Swing Check Valves Available At Energy Products Company In Different Sizes And ASME Specifications For Precise Flow Control
Tom Wheatley swing check valves are used in oil and gas pipelines to prevent backflow. These valves are
used in surface and subsea systems around the world under various pressure and temperature conditions.

Energy Products Company stocks Wheatley swing check valves in a wide range of materials, in different sizes, ASME specifications, and for use across various industries. These swing valves serve to prevent backflow in oil and gas pipelines; they are also used to isolate pipelines. Energy Products Company holds an inventory of Wheatley swing check valves featuring diverse trim and design configurations to fulfill different applications.

In the hydrocarbon sector, these pipes serve to prevent contamination of the environment around a pipeline, should a rupture occur at any section of the line. They prevent equipment upstream from getting spoilt and damaged. The valves, with a simple design and sturdy construction, allow access to the valve internals from the top, facilitating easy maintenance and troubleshooting. The clapper, which is the only moving part of the valve, swings to allow flow in one direction and shuts down reverse flow in a fraction of a second by returning to the closed position when the flow stops.

Sources reveal that the valves are a full bore and accommodate different pipeline inspection gauges and spheres. Less turbulence and a relatively lower pressure drop across the valve are advantages of the full-bore design. Backfaced flanges deliver a smooth bolting surface for even bolt loading during installation. Custom end connections can be made available to meet client requirements. Customers can choose from valves with an integral or a renewable seat; the latter option adds to the valve’s life by enabling easy replacement of valve parts and seal without having to uninstall the valve.

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The renewable seat option allows the repair or replacement of all the seat sealing elements in the valve. By having both the seat and clapper as separate parts from the body, a damaged valve can be restored to as-new condition and performance. A renewable seat also facilitates the use of different corrosion-resistant materials and modified seat designs to accommodate pipeline pigs. The valves feature a robust clapper construction. The clapper is a one-piece cast design mounted to the valve clapper-arm with a secure and positively located fastener.

Tom Wheatley check valves have been an integral part of the subsea and surface flow-control arenas for over 70 years. With valves in service around the world, in the most critical backflow prevention applications, Tom Wheatley is recognized as the industry leader for check valve products. From deepwater subsea check valves designed to protect offshore platforms to the fire-resistant valves used in surface pipeline and processing applications, Tom Wheatley offers a complete line of swing, piston, and nozzle check products to meet our customers’ most demanding applications.

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