MIC strives to change the learning method

Applause, hugs and relief after the conclusion of the college entrance examination… On July 8th, the final exam of the 2020 National College Entrance Examination ended in multiple test sites across the country. When the candidates walked out of the examination room, parents and teachers embraced their children outside the test room to celebrate the successful conclusion of the college entrance examination.

This year’s college entrance examination is destined to be extraordinary. Even when faced with the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, web-based online classes, and postponement of the college entrance examination, the candidates continued to work hard for their dreams. Whether it is teachers, parents or members of society from all walks of life, they all sent their sincere blessings to the candidates to pass their college entrance examination during the pandemic.

However, after the college entrance examination, the journey of education has not ended. Education up until high school is considered a foundational education. Learning ultimately extends beyond school to the rest of every person’s life and the methods of learning continue to have a lasting impact on everyone.

As such, ways in which education and learning is delivered has changed over the years, especially with the onset of the Internet. Many companies have caught on to this phenomenon, from the early days of learning forums, Baidu, and general online video-based education to the current knowledge on-demand model, are all innovative ways in which education has evolved.

In the future, MIC will change the way of learning.

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