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The report of the 19 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward: “Cultural self-confidence” The manifesto of this era points out that culture is the soul of a country and a nation. Prosperity of culture means prosperity of the country, and a strong culture means a strong nation. Without a high degree of cultural confidence and cultural prosperity, there would be no great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Culture is the backbone and soul of a nation, which influences the soul and character of the country and nation. Only when a nation has cultural self-confidence can it have influence in the world; Only when the people have faith can the country be strong. Cultural self-confidence is the most important factor to achieve these goals. 

Born in Bayan Nur, Inner Mongolia in 1966, Yang Xiaoxu now works in Bayan Nur Central Branch of the People’s Bank of China. Influenced by his family, he loved Chinese traditional culture since childhood, especially ancient literature and painting and calligraphy. He failed to study systematically in his early years because of lack of guidance from a master. He practiced less and just liked it. He had no spare time to study in high school, and studied finance in college. Although he usually took time to practice, he achieved nothing, and his work and family burdens increased. He did not create for more than 20 years. In recent years, he began to create again, because there is no master, he can only learn from the ancients and nature, starting with Chinese traditional landscape painting. He studied hard, surrounded by famous works since the Five Dynasties and the Song Dynasty, and especially experienced Huang Gongwang, Wang Meng, Ni Zan and Wu Zhen, catching up with Dong Ju and following the masters of Ming and Qing Dynasties, so that his painting skills were constantly improved. At the same time, he collected ancient paintings and calligraphy works, corrected them and made notes, with a view to achieving great success. 

Appreciation of Yang Xiaoxu’s works

Since 2009, he has participated in many national art competitions and won awards. In 2011, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Revolution of 1911, his landscape works were exhibited as famous works in Britain for more than three months. After that, in order to further improve, he took the time to study Chinese calligraphy with great concentration. Based on regular script, he studied famous posts from Jin and Tang Dynasties, and studied Wei and Jin Dynasties, Zhiyong and Ouyang Style with great concentration, so that his paintings and calligraphy were improved in an all-round way. His paintings and calligraphy works participated in various major exhibitions all over the country many times. In September 2018, he was appraised as a national first-class artist. In 2019, he was hired as an art consultant by Beijing Global Painting and Calligraphy Institute, and entered China Painting and Calligraphy Art Research Institute, and was hired as a researcher. In August 2019, he was identified as “the first batch of cultural celebrity studios-Yang Xiaoxu Studio” by the Chinese and Foreign Celebrity Research Association on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, and was awarded with bronze plaques and pennants, which were inscribed by the famous calligrapher Mr. Quan Xijun. 

Appreciation of Yang Xiaoxu’s works


In October 2010, his paintings were compiled into the Collection of National Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition of Xibaipo Cup, and he was awarded the honorary title of “Elite in Contemporary Chinese Painting and Calligraphy”.

In October 2010, he won the Excellence Award in the National Painting and Calligraphy Competition to commemorate the 115th anniversary of Mr. Xu Beihong’s birth. 

Appreciation of Yang Xiaoxu’s works

In November 2010, his fine arts won the gold medal in the National Painting and Calligraphy Grand Prix to commemorate the 61st anniversary of the founding of New China. At the same time, his works were selected into the Celebrity Pictorial of Chinese Times.

In December 2010, he won the second prize in the first “Xinghai Cup” National Painting and Calligraphy Competition.

In October 2011, he participated in the “Chinese Soul” Cup Global Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Art Exhibition to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Revolution of 1911 and won the second prize.

In 2011, as a famous artist recommended by China, he participated in the All-England Art Competition and Fine Exhibition for the Centennial of the Revolution of 1911. His works toured major cities in Britain for three months and were collected by the organizing committee. 

Appreciation of Yang Xiaoxu’s works

In August 2012, he won the first prize in the third “Xinghai Cup” National Painting and Calligraphy Competition.

In 2017, his paintings and calligraphy works were invited to participate in the first national exhibition of famous artists’ works, and his works were collected by the National Painting Academy of China.

In 2017, his paintings and calligraphy were comprehensively reported by People’s Art sponsored by People’s Daily.

In 2017, he was selected as an accomplished scholar in the field of painting and calligraphy in the book China’s Innovation Power. 

In 2018, his paintings and calligraphy works were compiled into Selected Works of Chinese Fine Arts. 

In 2018, his paintings and calligraphy works were selected as Famous Chinese Artists on Stamps in the World, and stamps were issued in four countries, including the United States, Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

In 2019, his paintings and calligraphy work participated in the invitation exhibition of famous paintings and calligraphy works held by the National Culture Palace. Two works were auctioned and sold in Europe by China-Europe Art Auction Company. 

Appreciation of Yang Xiaoxu’s works 

Appreciation of Yang Xiaoxu’s works 

Appreciation of Yang Xiaoxu’s works 

Appreciation of Yang Xiaoxu’s works 

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